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What Do the Character Cavalcades Look Like?

As most of you know, traditional character meet and greets at Walt Disney World are temporarily on hold as are most of the character meals. However, Disney has begun character cavalcades instead! These can be such a fun way to see the characters even though you don\’t get the opportunity to interact with them. What do these character cavalcades look like?

Chip and Dale on a raft near Tom Sawyer Island.

Princesses parading down Main Street USA

Merida on her horse, Angus, in Frontierland

Country Bears out above their theater!

These are just a few from the Magic Kingdom, but these are happening in all four parks! We have seen them down Main Street similar to the regular parade. Like the princess float above, we have seen an individual float come down the street with Mickey, Minnie, and other friends! There are also quite a few back in Frontierland and on the Rivers of America. Plus, we\’ve seen Stitch over in Tomorrowland.

You never know quite where you\’ll see one, so keep your eyes peeled, but they happen pretty frequently and make for a unique experience in the parks!

Special Thanks to Danielle Sigman for the photos!

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