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October 2024
An Italian Mosaic with Wishdrawals 

Travel with Wishdrawals to Italy with an Italian tourism EXPERT as your guide!  Visit popular and off the beaten path locations!  Don't miss this amazing opportunity!

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Meet Your Tour Guide-Joseph Walker

Joseph is widely regarded as one of Italy's premier tour guides.  

With over 30 years in Italian tourism, Joseph is renowned for creating innovative tours and introducing new destinations. 
Starting his tourism career in Italy, Joseph earned the moniker "guide to the stars" for leading Hollywood actors, musicians, politicians, and NBA superstars, ensuring unique and exceptional experiences. His expertise extends to serving as an Italian Cultural and Historical advisor for documentaries on esteemed channels such as the History Channel, Discovery Channel, BBC, and AFN Europe. Italy is not just a destination for Joseph; it's a way of life that he enthusiastically shares with his guests.

Best Italy Tour Guide

Tour Overview

Our immersive program, aptly named 'Italian Mosaic,' takes you beyond the well-trodden touristic itineraries, weaving together a captivating tale of Italy's rich history and culture. 
Begin in the heart of ancient Rome, then venture into the enchanting world of Italian wine and olive oil. Drift along the picturesque Italian coast, exploring myth-laden landscapes like the Coast of Ulysses, with its medieval seaside villages and delightful wine tastings. Continue to the Bay of Naples, where ancient Greek legends seamlessly transition into the foundations of the Roman Empire. Conclude your journey in the beauty of Sorrento, strolling through the ancient roads of Pompeii and witnessing newly opened and restored buildings. 
This carefully crafted program not only unveils Italy's treasures but also places them in a mosaic of context, ensuring a dynamic and unforgettable experience. Indulge in the finest food and wine, elevating your journey to an exquisite adventure.

Rome, Castelli Romani, Pompeii, Sorrento, Naples, Gaeta and more!

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