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Food and Wine! Still divine?

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

One of our favorite events every year is the Epcot International Food and Wine. What is not to like? You mix up food booths all over the park with sensational options, you throw in great mixed drinks, wines, and beers (some sample size, some larger) at almost every booth, throw in some great music and “Now, is a party!”

OVERVIEW: Over the years, they have found ways to extend this event more or less throughout the year. Art Festival, Flower and Garden anyone? But the base and core event for Food and Wine started July 27th this year and flows up to nearly Thanksgiving, November 18, 2023. And in general, it keeps getting better and better every year.

To those wondering, this year is fantastic! With around 30 booths this year (depending on how you count some of the booths by permanence or temporary), there is a lot to offer. In past years, the booths started only in the countries, but more and more they are moving toward the beginning of the parks as more and more is added.

What all is offered? Really, about everything. From beer flights in Germany, Spanakopita at the Greece booth, Cheddar and Bacon soup in Canada, to even a Dill Pickle milkshake at a specialty booth. We will take about the specialty booths in a bit, but there are a ton of them this year with some really neat things, even the Dill Pickle milkshake. You can just about guaranteed find something you have never had before, and that is a great thing, because the festival is all about trying new things.

What did we try? We certainly didn’t get a chance to try everything, but that is more than okay! It just gives us a reason to go back again and again. We looked at all the booths but for our first time, on opening day, we only tried about 10 things considering the long lines for the opening day crowd. We did try somethings we absolutely loved though.

From “The Alps” booth, we did try the warm raclette of Swiss cheese with Ham, baby potatoes, cornichons and baguette. It was great, probably not something I would seek out anywhere else on earth, but was a neat experience. And for a few dollars, certainly an experience I wouldn’t get otherwise.

Spain’s booth had a great charcutie cup. Our family is massive charcuterie fans

and this was a neat experience too, with a selection of meats and cheeses that was neat and unusual too.

In Belgium, we had one of our favorites every year, the Belgium Waffle with either chocolate ganache, or the waffle with berry compote and whipped cream. Always love this. It didn’t seem as light and fluffy a waffle as past years, but still certainly great.

China had the crispy duck Bao bun which was phenomenal. We are big Bao bun fans and this certainly didn’t disappoint.

France had a wonderful “three fromages”, a warm beignet filled with three different cheeses. Add in the Grand Marnier slush and it really was a special experiences. The Bouef Bourginon is always one of our favorites here, but it was 95 degrees on earth, so didn’t seem too appealing at the time, but will be tasted again in the future.

The Fry Basket, in front of Test Track, is the booth of the year so far this year. Everyone wants some of the selections from here, and hey, it is French fries, why not? While the dill pickle fries are always amazing, the fry flight is the superb tasting item this year! Add in a Salt Dog cocktail and it is phenomenal.

Okay, sounds good, should I go?

Easy answer, YES!! The good news is the crowds are down at Disney this year, by a mile. For a lot of reasons the crowds have just stayed away this year. And whether it is political or price based, doesn’t matter. The politics really don’t belong on Disney property. You can get inside the magic and away from all that. And the price? A great agency like Wishdrawals can help you plan an amazing trip at an amazing price. Plus the Wishdrawals service is zero charge to you! Second, not only are the rides at Disney amazing, but the food experience is something you will remember as well. And that is what Disney is all about right? Memories! We are going back, go with us to Food and Wine!

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