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Disney’s Boo Bash

Disney fans across the country were excited when Disney announced that it would be bringing back a modified version of Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party in the form of the Boo Bash! With many things looking a little different at Disney World right now, I wondered what the Boo Bash would really look like. In my opinion, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party had gone from a great after hours party to an oversold and crowded event. So I was excited to check out Boo Bash!

Like many other after hours events, we were allowed to enter the park prior to the party. The Boo Bash started at 9:30pm for us, but we could enter the park at 7. Due to a heavy downpour we didn’t actually go into the park until around 8pm. We rode several big attractions, Space Mountain, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Big Thunder Mountain, Peter Pan’s Flight, watched Happily Ever After at 8:45 and of course took a spin on the Carousel of Progress. This was all before the party even started!

At 9pm when the park closed to non-party guests, Cast Members started checking wrist bands at ride entrances and back areas of the park to usher those not there for the party out of the park. The transition to the party was seamless. Immediately, food kiosks opened up with the free snack items available quickly so there was little to no waiting. So now it was party time!

We checked out the Boo Bash map to determine where we’d hit the Trick or Treat trails, special Boo Bash Photo Pass locations and character meet and greets. We also looked at the timing of the Character Cavalcades since this was an important item for our group. Overall, Boo Bash had everything that Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party had minus the parade and party specific fireworks and minus the crowds! Lines for attractions were short, if there was a line at all. Distanced character greets were quick and easy.

But let’s talk about the parade for a second. For those of you who have seen the parade during Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, it’s just awesome. The character cavalcades were fun, but not a replacement. There were four in total and they each came through the parade route two times during the party. The cavalcades were spaced 10-15 minutes apart. So many people just set up camp to watch either the early set or the second set come through. The intent of cavalcades was to keep people from congregating, but clearly this did not meet that goal and it took more of our time out of the evening as we waited for all of them to come through.

Overall the feel of Boo Bash and the limited crowds are a winner! We would absolutely do it again and hope to check out Disney’s Very Merriest After Hours!

Heather is a military spouse and a mother of two. She has traveled to Walt Disney World over 20 times and has sailed on three of the four Disney cruise ships to several different countries and many itineraries! Read more about Heather at: You can contact Heather at

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