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A Little Bit of Magic at AbracadaBar!

AbracadaBar is a magician themed bar that opened at the Disney Boardwalk back in 2016, but until our last trip, I hadn\’t had an opportunity to try it.

It occupies the former Seaside Sweets shop located between Flying Fish and Trattoria al Forno making it a great place to stop in for a before dinner drink. There are also a few tables just outside as well where you can enjoy your drink.

The Boardwalk is normally a pretty bustling place in early evening, but it was eerily quiet without Boardwalk Buskers performing and Flying Fish not open. Since Boardwalk Inn isn\’t open yet either, there isn\’t much of a draw to the Boardwalk.

However, over at AbracadaBar, things are pretty busy! AbracadaBar opens at 4:00, and my friend and I were there waiting when it opened along with another mom. Before long, a few other moms joined the crowd. Apparently we all needed a break from our families! (I felt like that old Mervyn\’s commerical: \”Open, open, open!\”

When it magically opened at 4:00 (OK, not really…the bartender just opened the door), we went in and chose seats at the bar. The bartender was friendly and chatty, and we perused the menu for something fun to order.

I ordered the Magic Mirror–a beautiful purple drink with Bacardi rum, soda water, mango syrup, Sprite, and lime juice My friend ordered the Conjurita (El Mayor Tequila, Cointreau, simple syrup, and lime juice) that really does come with a magic trick! Take a look below!

The Magic Mirror usually comes with a trick as well. The drink is blue until you wave your hand above it, and it magically turns blue. Apparently Covid has put a kabash on the Magic Mirror\’s magic for now.

The beautiful Magic Mirror

The story line here for AbracadaBar is that it was a lounge for magicians, magician\’s assistants, and illusionists. It was place to gather after their shows, and they often stayed out late performing tricks and conjuring up new drinks! Then the secret lounge vanished…never to be seen again until now!

While you\’re in the lounge, keep an eye out on the posters around the room. These enchanted posters change over time! Magicians appear and disappear, magic tricks happen, etc. Take a look at all the knick-knacks around the lounge full of the \”tricks of the trade\” including playing cards, magic rings, bird cages, and so much more! Also, make sure you take a trip to the restroom while you\’re there! You may hear the sounds of a magic show in the distance or even the haunted rattling of a long-gone magician! Don\’t miss the black and white photos down the hall and other various displays!

Neat little booths scattered throughout the lounge.

A framed \”article\” revealing the location of the secret lounge!

Overall, we had a lovely time here and would absolutely visit again on another trip!

Susan Burks is a military spouse and a homeschooling mom to a 16-year old \”junior Disney expert\”! In addition to many Disney World trips, Susan has done eleven Disney cruises, two Disneyland trips, two trips to Aulani (Disney Resort & Spa in Hawaii), and stayed at Disney\’s Vero Beach and Disney\’s Hilton Head Island! You can contact her at

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