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5 Reasons You Need To Go To Walt Disney World This September!

Who doesn’t love a spur of the moment or surprise vacation? I know you planners out there are saying, “A last minute vacation doesn’t sound good at all! I need my time to plan!” But ultimately, if it came down to putting in another 40 hours in the office or someone coming up to you and saying, “You’re going on vacation next week!” I’d say most would opt for the vacation.

When it comes to last minute vacations, Walt Disney World is probably not the first destination that comes to mind. It might even be one of the last. If you’ve ever planned a Walt Disney World vacation or are aware of the process, then you know how much can go into it.

Social Distancing in 2020

Until the last couple of years, many people wouldn’t dream of planning one any sooner than 6 months out because they wanted to be sure to have time to plan and book those coveted dining reservations. Since Walt Disney World reopened, after being being shut down nearly 4 months due to covid, the dining reservation booking window has moved back to 60 days before check-in. FastPasses, normally bookable at 60 days, have not and will not return (that’s a story for a different post). So as of now, the biggest disadvantage to booking a last minute Walt Disney World vacation is getting a later start to dining reservations. But we aren’t here to talk about the disadvantages. We are here to talk about why you should book a last minute vacation to Walt Disney World!

Because you NEED a vacation

Nothing says vacation like Trader Sam’s!

Let’s face it, with all the stress that covid has put on every family over the last year and a half, I’m sure you are at a point where you NEED a vacation! Plus, I wouldn’t be surprised if you had to cancel a vacation or two in the last couple of years due to covid. It doesn’t appear that covid is going away anytime soon so is it time to just pull the trigger on that vacation you’ve been wanting… I mean needling? Keep reading if you’re not quite convinced.

Crowd Levels

For those of you non-Disney nerds, you may not be aware that Walt Disney World opened on October 1, 1971. So quick math will tell you that Magic Kingdom, the first park to open, turns 50 this year and Disney is not missing out on an opportunity to celebrate! Although, an argument can be made that being there for the 50th anniversary is a reason to visit, for the purposes of this post, it is not a reason you should visit in September. For one, the celebration begins on October 1. Another reason is because the celebration lasts for a year and a half, as any good Disney celebration does. So you have plenty of time to celebrate.

Cinderella’s Castle getting decked out for the 50th

So why bring up the 50th if it is not a reason you should book a last-minute vacation? Because many people have been putting off their vacations until after the 50th celebration has started. Some of those people are Disney nerds, like us at Wishdrawals, who just want to be there for the actual 50th anniversary on October 1st. Others have put off their vacations for other reasons that come along with the 50th celebration. Disney is rolling out several new rides and experiences over the next couple of years (also a topic for another post), many of which begin on October 1 of this year, so we anticipate travel to Walt Disney World to pick up as these new experiences open. With all that is going on in October and beyond, this will likely lead to lighter crowds in September. September is a historically low crowd level month but many crowd calendars are predicting even lower crowds this year which makes this a great opportunity and possibly one of the last opportunities you’ll have in a while to visit with such low crowds.

Resort Availability

As crowd levels increase resort availability decreases and that is just what we are seeing for the rest of 2021, beyond September. It’s slim pickings for a resort for Oct-Dec of 2021. There are some dates where nothing is showing available. So unless you are looking for a few select deluxe resorts, your options are Sept or 2022. Before you jump to 2022, let’s talk about Special Offer availability. As of right now, the only non-Military, non-FL resident discount available is the Summer Offer which ends…you guessed it, at the end of September (Sept 29). Believe it or not, there is still quite a bit of availability under this promotion. All resort categories are showing up when searching the week of Labor Day, which is only a week away! If low crowd levels AND saving money doesn’t sound like a win-win to you, don’t worry! There’s more!

Availability in all resort categories!

Gift Card Offer

Now I am going to sweeten the deal for you! If you book a new vacation package with me for travel starting in Sept 2021 I will send you a Disney gift card to use during your vacation! Below is the breakdown for the gift card amount based on the package pricing. I mean, can it get any sweeter than that?!!! Maybe….read on!

Package consists of Disney resort stay combine with tickets

A Disney Snack On Me

I wouldn’t attempt to convince you of something I didn’t believe in myself! That’s right, I am traveling to Walt Disney World this September. You may have recalled that I am a Disney nerd, so I obviously NEED to be there on Oct 1 for the actual anniversary of Magic Kingdom. I did anticipate the crowds being lighter in September so I booked my stay the week leading up to the 50th anniversary to take advantage of these lighter crowds. For anyone that books a vacation with me for September and is in the same park I am, I will sweeten (literally) the deal even more by buying each member of your family a snack. I know the chances might be slim but I love to meet up with the families I plan vacations for, so I will make a point to meet your family to buy you one of those iconic Disney snacks as a thank you! Oh, and if you need some good snack recommendations, I am your guy! Food is one of the best reasons to visit Walt Disney World! Rides are just what you do in between eating right?

Jack Jack cookie at Hollywood Studios

If those 5 reasons were not enough to convince you to take a last minute vacation to Walt Disney World this September then I’m honestly surprised you made it to this far in the blog post. I would have assumed you were already completely against the idea and would have spent the last 5 minutes doing something like looking at pictures of Disney snacks or longingly browsing the menus at the Food & Wine Festival. I told you I loved to eat at Walt Disney World!

Whether you would like to plan your next Disney vacation at Walt Disney World this Sept or sometime in the future. I would love to help your family create the perfect vacation! Not only can I assist you with Walt Disney World but I can also help plan those amazing Disney Cruises, magical Disneyland experiences, unforgettable Adventures by Disney journeys, and epic Universal Orlando vacations. And know that my snack offer stands for anytime our travels align!

This is how I Disney!

To start planning your next Disney or Universal vacation and take advantage of the reasons you should travel to Walt Disney World in September email me at Please note the gift card and snack offer are only being offered by me and not Wishdrawals Travel. However, you can take advantage of all the other reasons to book a Sept 2021 vacation by contacting any of our wonderful Wishdrawals agents.

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