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Tami Peak

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Virgin Voyages is making waves in the cruise industry so we decided to book a trip and see what the hype was all about. Although we were initially skeptical of a new cruise line, we were pleasantly surprised with the following details.

Virgin Voyages Sea Terrace Beach Club Pool Champagne

  1. BOARDING PROCESS: Embarkation day was the smoothest we have ever experienced in more than 20 years of cruising. The process at the port was efficient and well planned. We were enjoying the ship within minutes of arriving. The entire ship was available to us including our stateroom, which is not usually the case on other cruise lines. Sailors were not confined to a few areas making you feel claustrophobic and corralled. The mandatory safety drill video was available in your stateroom. After watching the video, you simply checked in at your assigned station. No waiting on the entire group, no bull horns, just thorough instructions on an individualized level. We really enjoyed their attention to detail and we were able to enjoy the first few hours onboard much more than with other cruise lines. The debarkation process was just as smooth. We were able to choose our departure time on the app the night before according to our needs. The available times exceeded many other cruise lines allowing sailors to sleep in a bit if they choose to do so. This was a refreshing option for those who wanted to enjoy a late night on their last day or anyone who had a long commute the next day. 

  2. STATEROOM: We’ve cruised quite a bit, so we weren’t sure if anything would stand out in this area for us but we were mistaken. We truly enjoyed the technology embedded in this room that was controlled with a tablet.. We have many smart home features within our home and this was a great bonus at sea. We felt that the addition of a light for notifying the stateroom hosts when we wanted privacy or needed our room cleaned was an upgrade to the processes compared to other cruise lines. Their balcony with the glass wall and red hammock gave us a private place to relax far beyond any balcony we have had in the past with traditional furniture. This was undoubtedly our favorite feature. 

  3. FOOD AND DRINK: We have a very diverse palate and admittedly are a bit picky about food quality. We travel frequently and seek out the best of the best in every location. Once again, we were pleasantly surprised with the variety and food quality. All items are made to order in the fast food area, the dining rooms, and even at their private beach club in Bimini, Bahamas. Each dining room had a “treat yourself” option with an upcharge, but  we never felt the need to order from that because the menus boasted enough options that we were very satisfied. Having 20 options for dining was refreshing. We appreciated the smaller kid-free dining spaces which led to a much more enjoyable experience for us as a couple. 

  4. PRICING: The base fare with Virgin covers so much more than many other large lines. All eateries, soft drinks, gratuities, WiFi, group fitness, and entertainment are included. We appreciated the “all-inclusive” feel of this cruise and I bet you will too.

  5. TARGET AUDIENCE: One of the rumors we heard was this was a cruise only for young single adults, but that was not the case. Their target range is 35-65, with an average age of 49 which included a healthy mix of singles and couples. Although we are slightly above the average age and happily married for a few decades now, we fit right in and had a sensational time. Any young at heart sophisticated traveler would enjoy this cruise line. Most of their sailors are seasoned cruisers who wanted something better than the big line they previously sailed with. 


After taking this voyage on this adults exclusive cruise line we now know why Virgin Voyages is making waves in the cruise industry. They offer an adults-only escape with exceptional value, outstanding food, and overall quality experience. I rebooked another cruise before I left the ship and 10/10 would recommend it to anyone looking for these features on a vacation. 


Tami Peak has been planning vacations since 2009 and personally travels extensively to stay current with the brands she sells to be able to provide valuable first-hand experience to her clients. 

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