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Traveling to Hawai’i in Covid 2022

Updated: Feb 11

If you are planning travel to the Hawai’ian Islands from the US mainland, it is important that you’re aware of Safe Travels Hawai‘i entry requirements prior to your departure.

Some new and enhanced State of Hawai‘i Safe Travels Hawai‘i program entry requirements prior to departure. Enhanced entry into Hawai‘i includes temperature screening at all Hawai‘i airports upon arrival, a pre-travel testing program, and a vaccination exception program for domestic, U.S. passengers.

Hawai’i is currently welcoming all guests to visit! While there is still a self-quarantine in place, you can avoid this in one of two ways: EITHER a Covid vaccine (with proof of vaccine card) or by arriving with a negative Covid test. Hawai’i requires a very specific type of test, so read on to make sure you have the right one! If you arrive from another US state without either of these, you are required to do a 5-day self-quarantine

Travelers wishing to use the pre-travel test to bypass quarantine must have a negative result from a test taken from a Trusted Testing and Travel Partner no more than 72 hours BEFORE beginning the final leg of their trip. Anyone without a negative test result or up-to-date vaccination record PRIOR to departure must quarantine upon arrival. The State of Hawai‘i will also accept test results that are digitally validated by Digital Health Pass Partners.

The negative test result must be uploaded onto Safe Travels or printed out prior to departure and hard copy in hand when arriving in Hawai‘i. You cannot have this test digitally on your phone; it must be printed or uploaded to the site!

For Covid testing, the state of Hawai‘i will ONLY accept Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (NAAT) from a certified Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment (CLIA) lab test results from TRUSTED TESTING AND TRAVEL PARTNERS, and Digital Health Pass Partners AZOVA, CLEAR and CommonPass. These links will show you a variety of locations where you may be tested before arrival in Hawai’i. Travelers will not be able to obtain a Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (NAAT) upon arrival at any Hawaiʻi airport.

Once you’ve arrived in Hawai’i with your appropriate vaccine or testing credentials, what do you need to know about your visit to Hawai’i?

Masks are required indoors and recommended any time you’re near others and have a hard time maintaining physical distance. Masks must be worn in compliance with county orders. Each island is a different county, so definitely check your specific destination especially if you’re visiting more than one Hawai’ian island when you go!

Keep in mind that you must show your vaccine card or that same negative Covid test before you are allowing the enter most businesses and restaurants in the state of Hawai’i. Here are some types of businesses where you’ll be required to show this: 

  1. cultural attractions

  2. gyms

  3. bowling alley and arcades

  4. movie theaters, other recreational game or entertainment centers

  5. other commercial attractions where food or beverage consumption is allowed

  6. activity centers like go kart, mini golf

  7. indoor pools

  8. ALL RESTAURANTS including outdoor luaus

While travel to Hawai’I is a little more challenging right now, it is still a beautiful place to visit! Let’s get out there and see those gorgeous sunsets!

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