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Poolside Cabanas at Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa

After our previous blog about Aulani\’s reopening, we got lots of questions about the poolside cabanas. Here are some of the details and our experiences after several cabana rentals:

It is a little pricey. It\’s currently $450 for a full day, but it is our only real planned expense when we stay. As DVC members, our room cost was only $31 this time, and, we get free self-parking as a DVC member versus $35/night for other guests. We trade the lack of these expenses to snag a cabana on our checkout day to extend the fun and provide a base camp. We do get it at a 10% discount as DVC members.

What do you get for your money? A private shaded area, TV, refrigerator, wifi, bottled water, and snacks!

Now, for the snacks…They bring a bowl of various treats right when you arrive–dried fruits, Maui potato chips. Then they bring a plate piled high with fresh fruit whenever you\’d like it–right away or up until 5pm.

Fruit plate example. Photo credit:

Finally, they bring you a plate of desserts later in the day; we got ours around 3:30pm. This plate looks different from others we\’ve had previously, and there are usually just four pieces of each type of dessert. They added a fifth piece of two desserts this round for our party of 5, so that was a welcomed surprise. #nofighting

Other features of the cabanas: a towel attendant to bring and take away towels and garbage, a call button for a Cast Member who can get poolside restaurant food and drinks for you (additional costs), a mini- fridge filled with adorable mini water bottles and room for your day\’s snacks or things you bring down from your room. We also bring a cooler with travel-worthy foods AKA we splurge on the cabana, but the kiddos enjoy some Lunchables or Uncrustables because they survive the cooler and transition process. Ha ha!

Why do we do the lanai? It\’s a checkout day tradition for our family! This allows us to stay later in the day after checking out of our room. Since it includes snacks, TV, and even an area for naps, it feels worth the money to us.

Advance reservations are required for the cabanas and can be made with the Aulani lobby concierge. There are also some other options for rentals including a lanai area with umbrellas rather than the enclosed cabana.

Guest Blogger: Sheila Johnston lives on the island of Oahu with her husband, three adorable children, and a sweet doggo. As a military family stationed in Hawaii, they have had the opportunity to visit Aulani many times. They are also DVC members and love the magic of a Disney vacation.

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