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Wishdrawals Kids Blog Series: Young Siblings Name Their Favorite Parts of a Disney Cruise!

Siblings Connor and Madison have extensive Disney World and Disneyland experience, and they\’ve also enjoyed one great Disney cruise!

Connor, Age 7

On the Disney cruise, this is what I loved!

1. Aqua Duck:

What did you like about the water coaster? It goes over the edge of the ship!!!! And it goes around the whole cruise ship! You get on it inside one of the smokestacks.

2. Kids Club (Oceaneers Club and Oceaneers Lab):

What was neat in the club? It connected with a bunch of rooms – there is a mirror that parents can look into from outside. There were a bunch of activities, and I liked the auto-hand washers!

3. Donald\’s Pool:

At night, we can watch movies while swimming. And it transforms into a deck.

4. Pirate Night:

What\’s the best thing about Pirate Night? The fireworks!! And Jack Sparrow jumped off of one of the smokestacks. And Mickey Mouse and all of his friends had a show. And I liked when it was the pirates turn to do a show. That’s all.

5. Castaway Cay:

What was your favorite thing on the island? The waterslides!! The Kids Club, and at the Kids Club they have different games, and there was a splash area and sand areas. And I liked snorkeling, and seeing a turtle!

Little sister, Madison, age 4, chimes in with her favorites!

1. Kids Club (Oceaneers Club and Oceaneers Lab):

What\’s so great about the kids clubs? The automatic hand washer, playing games, and the piggie (AKA Hamm from Toy Story).

2. Meeting Princesses:

I\’m so surprised! Who did you like the best? I liked meeting Belle!

3. Our Cabin:

What\’s neat about the cabin? The bunk beds that transform into a couch.

4. Castaway Cay:

It is pretty great! What did you like best? Swimming in the ocean, slides, playing in the sand!

About Our Guest Bloggers:

Siblings Connor and Madison love all things Disney. Connor is the definition of a “military kid”, and has lived in Charleston, South Carolina; Alamogordo, New Mexico; Las Vegas, Nevada; and currently resides in Newport, Rhode Island. He loves playing soccer, reading, swimming, and going to trampoline parks! He is really excited about moving to Tampa, Florida in the summer, and being close to Disney World!

Madison was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, and currently lives in Newport, Rhode Island – with Tampa, Florida next up! (Another true “military kid.”) She loves to go to Ballet Class and dance, swimming, and is beginning T-Ball this spring. She’s an adventurous eater – so Epcot is especially fun with her!

Their mom is Wishdrawals Disney Travel Planner Kristin Van O.

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