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Wishdrawals Kids\' Blog Series: Young Boy Reviews Splash Mountain

Disney has a marvelous ride called “Splash Mountain”. It is a wet, splashing fun ride! Here are some things that I like about the ride that you might like about it too!

Splash Mountain’s wait line might be long, but you can see pictures of the characters and you walk in the Mountain. Also, they make you ride in a log which is really strange. The best place to sit is the front if you want to get wet a whole lot!

Here are some things that I don’t really like about it that you might like about it or not. One of them is that you can lose loose pins and they go in the seat or flying off in the distance. I also don’t like that it is pretty short like 5-6 minutes long, but it is worth it!

Fun Fact in Disney World Splash Mountain was made October 1st 1992! Also, it is not scary at all. So you will be fine on the big drop.

Definitely try Splash Mountain the next time you visit Disney World!

About Our Guest Blogger:

Jack is 8 ½ years old and in the third grade. His favorite subjects are art, math, and science. Jack participates on the Science Olympiad team for his elementary school. In his free time he enjoys reading, drawing and playing Minecraft with his friends.

Jack’s favorite Disney park is the Magic Kingdom, but he also loves to visit Animal Kingdom for Avatar: Flight of Passage. His favorite Disney movie is Robin Hood, Fox and the Hound, and well, all the classics. And Pirates of the Caribbean. And Star Wars. Simply put, Jack loves all things Disney.

Jack is the son of Wishdrawals\’ Disney travel planner Christina Brosche

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