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Wishdrawals Kids\' Blog Series: I Can\'t Wait to Be a Mermaid Again!

Some people think that the Pirate\’s League in Magic Kingdom is just for boys. Not me! I was able to be transformed into a magical mermaid there, and I can\’t wait to go back and do it again!

When you first arrive, you are to be given a pirate name. It is so cool. You spin a treasure chest and look through the pirate book to see what your name will be. You get to sign the book, too.

Then you get to go to your own makeover station. The pirate who did my makeover was so funny and joked with me the whole time. He made it so fun! I got my makeup done, and it was so pretty. They made mermaid scales on my face. Then they painted my nails. I picked a color that was blue like the ocean. He also did my hair and gave me the prettiest hair clip.

I even got a mermaid sash and a necklace and bracelet! When it was finished, he spun my chair and announced, \”We have a new mermaid!\”

I got to take a pirate oath! It was so cool. After I did that, they let me go into the room of treasures, and I found something left by Jack Sparrow! I also had a few pictures made in this room.

I was so excited to go meet Ariel while I was dressed like a mermaid. She loved my makeover and asked me all about it. We took a lot of pictures together too!

Paisley posing with Ariel in their matching outfits!

I had so much fun, and I can\’t wait to become a mermaid again!

About Our Guest Blogger:

Paisley is 7 years old. She is in the first grade and enjoys homeschool. Her favorite subject is art. She loves the Awanas program at her church. 

She takes piano lessons and horseback riding lessons. Paisley loves music and wants to become a singer one day. Her favorite Disney movie is Monsters University, and her favorite Disney park is Hollywood Studios. 

Paisley\’s mom is Wishdrawals\’ Disney Travel Planner Nicole Chappell.

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