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Wild Africa Trek–Kicking It Up at Animal Kingdom

I am an adventure seeker, and I’m lucky that my niece has enough of my wanderlust that she is up for just about anything. On one of our most recent trips to Walt Disney World, I wanted to kick things up a bit and try something really special so we donned our closed toed shoes and set on the Wild Africa Trek for three hours of an up close, behind the scenes look at the animals of the Animal Kingdom Park Harambe Reserve.

The private tour of the savannah was my favorite part. The driver is able to pull right next to each of the groups of animals as your guide tells personal stories about their personalities and lives. I was pleasantly surprised that the groups are small (only 7 of us) which allowed us to ask questions and each get a good look at everything. 

After a full morning of animal encounters, we were ready for a break, so we headed to the pavilion high on the hilltop in the middle of the savannah for our traditional African inspired meal. Described as a snack, the offering was enough to fill us up but not as large as your typical Disney portions.

Our trek was in the morning, and we both enjoyed each of the offerings which used African spices and were delicious. Even picky eaters can find something to eat in their snack tin. There were plenty of tables, and binoculars were also provided so that we could continue animal watching and taking pictures. With our intrepid adventure coming to an end, we were both inspired by the splendor of nature and ready to share our journey with the rest of our party, who had decided to go for a leisurely breakfast instead.

Know Before You Go: Photographers are located along the way and a download of all the photos is included. Participants must be 8 years of age or older and at least 48 inches tall. Comfort with heights is also a must. The tour is rain or shine but will be held in case of lightning. A separate ticket to the park is required.

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Jill Pope is a Disney travel planner with Wishdrawals Travel along with her sister Julie.  

Since she didn\’t start visiting Disney until well into her teens, she has now made it her mission to experience as many Disney Destinations as possible and is currently working her way through many the Disney Cruise Line itineraries. And while she loves traveling with her family, she also loves girls trips and has taken the phrase \”never grow up\” to heart.  

You can reach Jill via email for assistance planning your next Disney vacation!

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