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Where to Find Your NEW Disney Luggage Tags!

Traveling to Walt Disney World is really an amazing experience. Yes, it can be an expensive vacation, but with the Disney Company you really get what you pay for. When you stay on property, every bit of your vacation is really magical. It stars before you even check in. You get to go online and pick the color of your MagicBands, book FastPass+ reservations, and book dining reservations. Another thing that adds to the magic is the guest luggage tags Disney sends to every guest staying in a Disney resort! If you\’ve been before you probably recognize this:

Super cute! I remember being so excited when I got them the first time! Well you may have heard that Disney is rolling out a new line of luggage tags that coordinate with the MagicBands you choose.

I love these also! (Well, with the exception of Goofy. I don\’t like this version of him. I feel like if I were a cartoon walking down the street, and this Goofy was walking toward me I would cross the street!)

Guests checking in after September 29 should get these new luggage tags in the same box as their MagicBands; however, they are not in the most obvious place. I advised a client to look under the MagicBands, and low and behold that\’s where they were. She would have thrown them out otherwise because she didn\’t feel like there was anything important down there.

Thankfully she took some picture for me to give a better idea of where to look.

So check all the way at the bottom of the box in a blue envelope. It is marked that the envelope contains the new tags, but it\’s black lettering that doesn\’t jump out.

Lauren Tanner is a Disney travel planner with Wishdrawals Travel. After planning her own family\’s magical vacations, she now plans magic for her own clients!  Contact her at

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