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What to Expect at Disney’s Perfectly Princess Tea Party

To tea or not to tea — What to expect at the Disney’s Perfectly Princess Tea Party!

As a mother of a little girl, I’ve watched my daughter be transported by her imagination into fairytales she’s read in stories or watched in movies. She is like many young girls who often play dress up and have pretend tea parties with their dolls or friends.

What better place to help foster that imagination than as a princess at Walt Disney World?

I know there are a lot of things to keep a family engaged at Disney, but I wanted a special adventure for my little princess. I discovered Disney’s Perfectly Princess Tea Party in the Garden View Tea Room at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa.

Upon arrival, we checked in and each of the girls was called up as the tea party hostess, Rose Petal, placed a tiara on each of their heads. Rose petals were also sprinkled on their heads as they were announced and entered the tea room.

The girls each paused for a photo opportunity and curtsy with Rose Petal before making their way to their seats. Reagan, dressed in her own Aurora gown, was eager to join the others, some of whom were also wearing Disney princess dresses.

Reagan\’s table, Aurora doll, and tea!

An Aurora doll with a matching tiara was at each table as part of the tea package for the girls to keep.

Rose Petal was engaging and as sweet as could be as she interacted with all the young princesses (and the occasional prince). She asked the princesses to reach into their napkins where they will find a special a gift from Aurora – a charm bracelet.

Rose Petal invited the children to come up and listen to a story before Princess Aurora made her appearance.

Later, Rose Petal came around to each of the girls at their table and put a necklace on them. “It’s going to look so beautiful with that gown,” Rose Petal said to Reagan as she clasped her necklace. “Princess Aurora is going to love your dress. You look just like her – you could be her twin.” I don’t know if my daughter was more excited about the necklace or the compliment. What a sweet thing to say.

Young guests enjoyed some tea (apple juice), fruit, and adorable crustless sandwiches in different shapes while grown-ups had hot tea and more sophisticated tea fare. The highlight, of course, was the strawberry cake for dessert.

Getting a hug from Aurora!

Aurora made her way around the room to sit with each of the girls, give them a rose, sign their autograph book and pose for pictures. When they were finished visiting all the girls, Rose Petal asked them to practice their royal wave before lining up for a parade around the Grand Floridian. As they made their way upstairs, the girls were able to get photos taken by a Disney photographer to be linked to your PhotoPass account. The last stop was at the gift store where each girl received a certificate and a sheet of stickers.

Some girls were dressed as if they’d been to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. The My Perfectly Princess Tea Party was mid-morning so it may have been a left-over look. There was a little girl who had her hair done at the salon at the Grand Floridian. I recommend that as an alternative not only for the convenience and cost savings, but also because it was different from the boutique styles. I buy my daughter princess dresses online that sells exclusive Disney gowns. I like their quality and while they are similar, they are different enough the girls don’t always look alike.

The package includes admission to the tea party for one adult and one princess (or prince) age 3-9. The cost is $333.64. My daughter, age 6 at the time, was right in the middle of the range for the tea party. There were younger girls as well as older girls, and they all seemed to enjoy the experience. There were only a couple of boys at our tea and the ones I noticed were enjoying their new swords.

Additional guests may be added for $98.66 for anyone 10 and older. If there are children in your party younger than age 3 or older than age 9, they can also receive gifts for an additional fee of $234.08 for infants and toddlers and $136.22 (in addition to the $98.66) for 10 and older.

Author Christin, her mom, and Reagan enjoying their tea

I invited my mother to join us and share in my daughter’s first Disney tea experience. (After all, grown-ups can enjoy tea parties too).

Was it worth it? Absolutely! The experience for my daughter was priceless. I would consider doing it again if Disney had an option without the doll and other gifts.

Christin is the mother of a teenage boy and grade-school girl who love the magic of Disney and making memories together as a family!  Watch for a future blog on What to Expect at the Royal Court Tea on Disney Cruise Line

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