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We Don\'t Just Book It…We Write the Book on It!

Susan, Heather, Mickey, Jamie, and Corey at Tusker House.

Recently, several of the Wishdrawals team members took our latest research trip to the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. I know, I know…go ahead and snicker!  I hear you saying, \”Research…yeah, right.\” We don\’t deny we love our job, but we also don\’t deny our research is FUN! A pilot loves to fly, a surgeon loves to heal, a race car driver loves to drive fast, and we love…to Disney!

A research trip for us is generally not a family trip. However, I will say we are always researching in one way or another whether our families join us or not. We try new restaurants, we stand in lines to experience interactive queues and to experience wait times. Bottom line: we are always trying to learn! We use our itineraries to provide you the latest and greatest information to determine the best ways to experience all the fabulous adventures Disney have to offer. As your full service Disney concierge, we are focused on more than just the itineraries. We change fast passes on the fly, schedule last minute dining, and find the best places to take a break. Why? Our research trips are meant to give us a true idea of what our guests are experiencing in the parks and how to make our services even better!

That\’s just what we did.  We went to as many new restaurants as we could; that even included four adults at Tusker House meeting Mickey, Daisy, Donald and Goofy in their safari wear.  And yes, it also involved two grown women at a princess breakfast at Akershus.  We also get up really early to test out morning Extra Magic Hours at Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom, park hopped between Animal Kingdom and Epcot, stayed in a pirate themed room at Caribbean Beach Resort, and found alternate routes when the monorail wasn\’t working one night!  We rode the boat from Old Key West to Downtown Disney and then to Saratoga Springs just to see how well the boat transportation worked. We walked the entire length of Downtown Disney so we could see how the changes were progressing. We even tested the efficiency of Magical Express! 

Know when we plan your vacation and make suggestions on itineraries, dining, fast passes, and more, we do so from the vast experiences of our entire team. That\’s right, you get the benefit of knowledge from all thirty of our travel professionals! Our professionals have learned experiences from personal vacations AND from time we spend in the parks researching! So while we sometimes get the occasional snicker about our research, it is done to make YOUR Disney experience the very best it can be. It\’s not our fault if we love our jobs 🙂 

Heather Gordon is a Disney Travel Planner with Wishdrawals Travel and the mom of one awesome boy and a pretty fabulous girl!  Contact her at to start planning your family\’s next magical vacation!

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