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Using Mobile Order at Disney World\'s Quick Service Restuarants

Back in the summer, Disney rolled out a new mobile order option at a few of their quick service locations at Disney World. Initially only available at a few locations, it\’s now offered at more than 15 locations throughout the parks and Disney Springs!

So, how does this order option work? When you\’ve chosen a location where you want to eat, scroll down to My Plans and press the Order Food button. Then you can choose the quick service location you desire. Or from the Dining menu, tap the quick service restaurant you want in the My Disney Experience app. Tap on the Order Food icon, and the menu for the restaurant pulls up.

Now, you simply choose what you want to order! You can easily navigate through the menu, read options, and add items to your order. Once you\’ve chosen what you want, click Review Order Summary at the bottom.

Once you\’re satisfied your order is correct, it\’s time to finalize that order! Right now, ONLY credit cards may be used to pay via the app. If you are using any of the Disney dining plans, you still must order at the counter. Additionally, if you have any special dietary needs or allergies, you still must order at the counter! 

Now purchase, and your order is complete!

What\’s next? You\’ll get this screen:

If you\’re ordering while standing outside the front door, go ahead and press that button and your order will begin to be prepared! If you\’re ordering in advance or you\’re still across the park somewhere, when you get close to the restaurant, pull out your phone and press OK! That tells the restaurant you really ARE there, and they should start preparing your food!

When you arrive, look for the mobile pick up area. The one pictured below is Satu\’li Canteen. It\’s easy to get to down the left side while everyone getting in the regular line to order goes to the right to the ordering stations. 

So, is it worth it? In my experience, yes! We went to Satu\’li Canteen soon after the mobile order option was available. We got sent to an ordering station where the guest ahead of us had a ton of questions. My sister opted to stick it out and wait in the line. I pulled out my phone, ordered, and sent it in while we were standing in line. Our food was ready in the pick up area before my sister had even ordered! Totally worth it! It was quick and easy.

For a full list of quick service restaurants currently offering mobile order pay, visit the Disney World website:

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