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Top Five Attractions You Can Skip at Disney World

I recently conducted a very official certified survey of a large pool of Disney World fans to determine the top five attractions you can skip at Disney World. OK, it was just a poll from our Wishdrawals travel agents, but they are some of the best experts I know!

So, grab a churro or a Mickey pretzel and read on to see what five attractions we think you can skip at Disney World!

Another said, \”Literally the scariest ride at WDW!\”

4. Enchanted Tiki Room: Also in Magic Kingdom, you can find the Enchanted Tiki Room in Adventureland. This is a pretty classic show having originally opened at Disneyland in 1963. What doesn\’t work here? Well, it\’s a show done by animatronic birds. The whole show is up near the ceiling so you have to look up a good bit of the time. The animatronics are older although it was refurbished in 2011 after a fire. (Luckily the annoying Gilbert Gottfried\’s character, Zazu from The Lion King, was removed then!) Maybe worst of all, it\’s a 15-minute show on hard benches with no backs. You can\’t even take a nap here! Harsh words from this travel agent, \”Enchanted Tiki Room is the worst show I\’ve ever sat through!\”

3. Hall of Presidents: OK, this one hurts my heart a little bit because it\’s a family favorite, but the experts have spoken. Located in Liberty Square in Magic Kingdom, more people use this as a place for some squishy seats and air conditioning and a nap than to actually see the show. 

One agent said, \”My family loves it but it bores everyone else into a coma!\”  Another agent said, \”My husband always takes a nap.\” Yeah. Mine, too. Let\’s leave out the political topic here. We know some people don\’t want to hear from Barack Obama or Donald Trump while they\’re at Disney, but learning about the Constitution and hearing from some of the presidents doesn\’t exactly scream FUN at Disney World!

2. Country Bear Jamboree: I don\’t even know where to start here. This show in Magic Kingdom in the Frontierland area…it\’s old and outdated. The animatronics are old school and need to be updated or overhauled. What about the songs? Let\’s take a look at the titles of a few:

  1. My Woman Ain\’t Pretty (But She Don\’t Swear None)

  2. All the Guys that Turn Me On, Turn Me Down

  3. Blood on the Saddle

  4. Mama, Don\’t Whip Little Buford

I mean, \”all the guys that turn me on, turn me down\”? That\’s a family appropriate song? Blood on the Saddle includes these lyrics:

There was blood on the saddle and blood all around And a great big puddle of blood on the ground.

A cowboy lay in it all covered with gore And he never will ride any broncos no more.

Again…family appropriate? Not for many! 

One agent said, \”I LOVE LOVE Country Bear especially when you get to watch the people’s reactions that have never seen it priceless…the songs are awesome,\” but another agent said, \”Country Bear Jamboree is the absolute worst attraction left in Disney!\”

What\’s good about this show? It\’s a classic, it\’s never busy, and there are plenty of seats and air conditioning. See it at your own risk!

1. TriceraTop Spin: There\’s nothing really WRONG with TriceraTop Spin. There\’s just nothing really right about it either. Dinosaurs that go in a circle in Animal Kingdom\’s DinoLand USA. That\’s not a terribly exciting land and often skipped. It\’s Dumbo but seats four people. More like Aladdin\’s Magic Carpets, I guess, with a dinosaur theme.

One agent said, \”I marked TriceraTop Spin, but I always end up on it!\”

Well, there you have it! The top six attractions Wishdrawals agents think you could skip at Disney World! You should know there was lots of discussion and friendly banter when discussing these. Die-hard Country Bear Jamboree fans will always want to go see it. Just choose your friends wisely!

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