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Top 10 Photos You Should Take at Disney World

Whether it’s your first visit or your tenth, there are certain family photo ops that should be in your photo album!

10. Gaston’s Chair: In Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom, you can find Gaston’s Tavern. Like Gaston in the movie Beauty and the Beast, Gaston uses “antlers in all [his] decorating.” From chandeliers to wall décor to Gaston’s oversized chair, antlers are everywhere!

Gaston\’s Chair in Gaston\’s Tavern

9. Sword in the Stone: Still in Fantasyland, located near Prince Charming Regal Carousel, you’ll find the Sword in the Stone! Find it, and go ahead—give it a good pull. Use two hands even! Can you remove the sword from the stone? Probably not, but it makes a great photo!

Son of Wishdrawals Travel agent Nicole Lee attempts to pull out the sword.

8. Epcot’s World Showcase: Throughout World Showcase, there are dozens of great places to take a photo—in France with the Eiffel Tower, in front of Italy’s Neptune Fountain, or in Canada’s beautiful gardens. My favorites, though, are a picture wearing a giant sombrero in Mexico and with the oversized troll in Norway!

Wishdrawals Travel agent Lee Laska\’s kids posing with Viking gear and the troll in Norway!

7. Tower of Terror: With the removal of Mickey’s sorcerer hat and then the Earful Tower, Hollywood Studios seems like it’s missing an icon—a “weenie,” Walt Disney would have called it! Tower of Terror is currently filling that role…and really, Tower of Terror is pretty iconic for Hollywood Studios. Even if you don’t ride, have your picture taken in front of it!

Wishdrawals Agent, Kristin, has her family pose in front of Tower of Terror!

6. Magic Kingdom Entrance: One of the most recognizable buildings in Disney World, the entrance to Magic Kingdom with the train station is a photo you absolutely must get! Take it first thing in the morning while everyone is still fresh! Bonus if you’re there during a holiday, you can get the Halloween/fall or Christmas holiday version, too!

My kiddo at Magic Kingdom entrance

5. Partners Statue and/or Sharing the Magic Statue: Sometimes overlooked by people rushing to get to Seven Dwarfs Mine Train or Cinderella’s Royal Table are two beautiful statues created by Blaine Gibson. Partners shows Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse standing hand in hand welcoming visitors to Magic Kingdom! Sharing the Magic is located near the flagpole in Town Square and sits in the approximate location where Roy Disney dedicated Magic Kingdom in 1971; this statue is Roy and Minnie Mouse sitting on a bench.

Ella, daughter of Wishdrawals owners Corey and Jamie, with Roy and Minnie at the Sharing the Magic statue.

4. Tree of Life: The icon of Animal Kingdom is the massive Tree of Life on Discovery Island. With more than 300 animals carved into its massive trunk, it’s truly an art display! Take a moment and take a photo here!

My son and I in front of the Tree of Life

3. Spaceship Earth: Standing as the icon of Epcot since its opening, Spaceship Earth (lovingly called the golf ball) stands 18 stories tall and serves as the welcoming sight for all park visitors! Photos are great from either the front as you’re entering the park or front inside the park just past the Fountains of Nations. Both are great. If you are visiting Epcot during Flower & Garden Festival, Food & Wine Festival, Halloween/fall or Christmas, you’ll have some fabulous topiaries in front of Spaceship Earth at the entrance. Spaceship Earth is also beautiful for evening photos from World Showcase. Take a couple of different vantage points and see what you like best!

My family during Flower & Garden Festival

2. Cinderella’s Castle: Of course, the single most recognizable icon in all of Disney World is Cinderella’s Castle in Magic Kingdom. Most people prefer to take the picture on Main Street with the castle in the background. You can also try one closer to the castle but you may have difficulty getting in the whole castle—maybe an artsy shot or unique vantage point would work here. The front side of the castle is definitely the side to photograph though!

1   1. Mickey Mouse: If you take no other photos at Disney World, you must have one photo with Mickey Mouse! Mickey can be found in every park and at several character dining meals as well as at several character dining locations outside of the parks. You can even find Mickey in a number of different costumes—farmer Mickey (Garden Grill), Sorcerer Mickey (Hollywood Studios), Safari Mickey (Tusker Houses)! Whatever you choose, make sure you meet Mickey!

Bonus:  Mickey AND Minnie!

Now you are armed with a list of photos you should snap (or have the Memory Maker photographers take) on your next Disney World vacation.

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