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Symphony in the Stars Fireworks

For years Hollywood Studios has offered fireworks shows on and off generally with a different theme. The latest of these is the Symphony in the Stars Fireworks, and it is AWESOME!  Designed as a Star Wars fireworks celebration, it is advertised as a temporary attraction, but if I had to guess I would say that it will be extended due to it\’s popularity and the construction of the Star Wars themed land.  Who knows….when that opens maybe it will become a permanent show at Hollywood Studios.  

Why is this show so great?  Well, to get a real feel for the show you need to be centered on Mann\’s Chinese theater and be fairly close if you can.  The fireworks are shot off from behind it and coordinate with our favorite Star Wars theme music.  If you are close enough you will feel surrounded by the fireworks.  It is absolutely spectacular!

You may want to consider taking it a step further and reserving a spot at the Symphony in the Stars: A Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party.  Let\’s get it on the table right now….it\’s expensive.  $69 for 10+ and $39 for 3-10.  For that price you get:  

An amazing view without fighting the crowds! The dessert party viewing area is just in front of Min and Bill\’s Dockside Diner so you will be just to the left of Mann\’s Chinese Theater.  There are some trees in this area so check in right when it opens so you can get a great table without a tree obstructing your view.  It is advertised to open 1 hour prior to fireworks, but has been opening about 20 minutes prior to that scheduled time.  

A nice private table to gather round and enjoy some amazing snacks and beverages–Star Wars themed of course!  Sweet and savory snacks are available along with specialty drinks.  Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are included in the price of the party.  This is a great night to skip dinner and have dessert for dinner!

Desserts are snack size so you can make your rounds and sample many different options.  Be sure to try the Freeze Fried Nutella Truffle topped with your choice of chocolate or raspberry!  

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Miniature versions of the Droid and Darth Vader cupcakes seen throughout the parks are some of the most popular sweets at the dessert party.   Darth Maul eclairs, crispy rice treats, bread pudding and of course Mickey ice cream bars are also on the menu!

Prefer savory snacks?  Or something healthier? Don\’t worry, there are options for that too. Load up on fruit sabers, olives, pickles and cheese, pesto crips and sea salted biscuits with hummus.  Also, be sure to sample from the themed bar menu:  The Force, First Order Finale, Jakku Juicy Cocktail and Corellian Smugglers Coffee are available for the 21 and over crowd while the youngsters can fill up on Padawan Punch and Ewok Juice.

You won\’t leave empty handed from this incredible experience either.  Each guests leaves with a Chewbacca stein.

Is this something I would do every trip?  No…not for the price, but for my Star Wars loving kids and a family who has always appreciated Disney\’s fireworks, we consider this to be one of our best Disney vacation memories.

Heather Gordon is a Disney Travel Planner with Wishdrawals Travel and the mom of one awesome boy and a pretty fabulous girl!  Contact her at to start planning your family\’s next magical vacation!

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