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Spring in Epcot!

Epcot is probably my favorite park. Between Test Track and Soarin\’ and all the great countries to visit (and eat around) as well as the aquarium in The Seas and visiting Anna and Elsa, there\’s really something for every age here.

I love Epcot during the Christmas holidays and during the fall for Food & Wine Festival, but in the spring, Epcot is a joy to visit, too.

First, there\’s the Flower & Garden Festival. All around the park, you will find new things to see– topiaries of our favorite Disney and Pixar characters, breathtakingly beautiful flower displays, tasty food kiosks in World Showcase, the Garden Rocks concert series, and even seminars and courses you can take with celebrity chefs!

If that\’s not enough, there are also a butterfly house and butterfly gardens set up plus several large interactive playgrounds and play spaces for the little visitors.

It\’s pretty amazing to turn the corner and discover the Fantasia topiary or discover Buzz Lightyear near Mission Space and Lightning McQueen near Test Track. Wandering around World Showcase, you might find Snow White with the seven dwarfs near Germany or Woody in the America pavilion!

Oh, and the delicious smells that waft towards you as you\’re walking around. Grab a passport before you enter the park, and you can see the menus for each of the kiosks. How about a hibiscus margarita in Mexico, pear cider-brined corned beef in the UK, or a chocolate macaron with framboise (raspberry jam).

This is a fun way to entertain kids while parents explore each country. At the end, when you\’ve found each egg, return to the gift shop where you bought the map and choose your very own egg. A Dory egg came home with us this year!

Finally, there\’s the weather. Spring is a great time to visit Epcot. The temperatures are warming up and likely warmer than they are \”back home\” but not so hot that it\’s unpleasant to visit like summer and even fall can be. Grab a friend or some family, pick up a tasty snack or a cool drink, and see what all you can experience at Epcot in the spring!

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