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Princess Cruise Line Rolls Out Safety Procedures

Like all cruise lines, Princess Cruise Line is preparing safety procedures for when they can begin sailing again. They know guests are all anxious to know what processes will be in place to keep everyone safe, so they have published their guidelines.

From touchless boarding to enhanced sanitization onboard, here\’s what Princess is focusing on:

  1. Enhanced health screenings

  2. Enhanced environmental sanitization

  3. Responsible physical distancing

  4. Medical care

  5. Ventilation

  6. Safe shoreside experiences

All passengers and crew will be screened before boarding. This includes mandatory health screenings including pre-travel testing for COVID-19, touchless temperature checks and health questionnaires, and secondary screenings (and health checks throughout the cruise) when necessary.

Princess will be thoroughly sanitizing embarkation terminals with a safe disinfectant proven to quickly kill coronaviruses and cleaning highly touched surfaces continuously throughout the cruise. Plus there will be plenty of handwashing sinks and hand sanitizer around each ship.

One of my favorite things they have added is the new safety drill process. To make it more convenient and crowd-free, watch the required safety video anytime on embarkation day and anywhere using the MedallionClass app or on your stateroom TV. Visit your muster station during select hours prior to your sailing and check in your medallion with a crew member – this way, you\’ll know exactly where to go in case of an emergency–but no need to stand inches away lined up on deck from all your neighbors!

Onboard, make purchases with touch-free technology through MedallionPay. Order wherever you are onboard, and the food, drinks, and items from our shops will find you even if you move. Plus you can also access entertainment and casino gaming through the MedallionClass app on your smart device.

Ventilation systems will be upgraded on all ships to remove even more airborne particles, and HEPA filters added in key locations like the clinic. 

Physical distancing will be enforced as much as possible. Masks will be required where and when physical distancing cannot be maintained. We don\’t have specific information on what that means!

No buffets or self-serve food locations will be allowed. Crew members will do the serving for you.

Clinics will be upgraded to include extra staff and medications and will have access to medical experts ashore via telemedicine venues.

Take a look here for even more information and details about Princess Cruise Line\’s plans.

We can\’t wait to start traveling again. When you\’re ready to book your next vacation, we\’ll be ready, too!

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