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Our Adventures by Disney Experience: Italy and the Amalfi Coast (Part 3)

If you\’ve stuck with me this long, today I\’m going to tell you about the end of our unbelievable experience with an Adventures by Disney vacation!

Lucca and Pisa

Bike riding in Italy!

This morning we boarded our private motorcoach to the town of Lucca. When we arrived, we found that Disney had rented bikes for us to ride with our families on top of the wall in Lucca. We had about an hour to ourselves and then did a walking tour with our ABD group. We were given about an hour and half to go eat lunch on our own and explore the town. Lucca is a quaint town, and you could see most it in just our short time there. Disney bought us all gelato and we headed back to the motor coach to go to Pisa.

There were quite a few tourists in Pisa, but it was great to be able to finally see in person what I have always seen in books! Disney took us over to two cathedrals that were just breathtaking. Our guides took us into the town square to do the famous tourist picture…holding up the leaning tower of Pisa! They told each family to come up with their best idea. There were some great ones! The guides took pictures of each family. Today, we got our sixth pin for our collection from our guides. We got back to our hotel and had the night to ourselves back in Florence. Marcello, our ABD guide, made our reservations, and we walked to dinner. Florence is so pretty at night. We explored the town and did a little shopping. 

Big hugs from my guy in Florence

My boys taking in the sights in Siena

Siena and Tuscany We woke up, had breakfast at our hotel, and boarded our motor coach to Siena. I was so pleasantly surprised on how much we loved this little town. We did a walking tour with another guide along with our two ABD guides. The Junior Adventurers were involved in a cute game! The whole town takes part in two times a year…the horse races! Each neighborhood is called a contrada, and each has their own crest and colors. We were each able to chose a crest and really learn about the different contrade. The streets are old with a feeling of medieval times with some modernity sprinkled into it which made it so magical!

We boarded our motor coach to head over to a Tuscan Farm. On the way, ABD let us watch an actual horse race that took place last year in Siena. It really helped show how the whole town gets involved in the event. 

Gorgeous fields!

The ride over to the farm in Tuscany was filled with the most amazing views I have ever seen in my life! Sprawling vineyards, fields of sunflowers, and olive fields as far as the eye can see. We were met by Sara who took us to our tables that overlooked their fields and farm. We were served bruschetta, cheese, bread, olive oil, and prosciutto as an appetizer. Then came our wine tasting! All of the adults sat at one table while the Junior Adventurers sat at their own table and had a soda tasting and ate lunch. At lunch, we received our seventh pin of our collection. The adults were then served two types of pasta and almond biscotti. The wine was plentiful and the adventure was truly one we will never forget.

Wine tasting!

ABD took family pictures all around the farm, and we all decided we will visit this very same farm again. It is also a bed and breakfast, so we plan to go back! We all ordered wine to be shipped back to us in the states and got on our motor coach for the last time.

Kids enjoying their soda tasting and lunch while the adults had wine, cheese, and prosciutto.

My husband and I dancing!

Back in town, we had about two hours before our farewell dinner with ABD. Our group walked to dinner at an amazing palace in the center of Florence. There we were served so much fun and yummy wine. The Junior Adventurers sat at their own table, and by this time, they knew they were all saying goodbye…so hard. We had live music and live entertainment, and they got everyone in the group to participate somehow. It was hysterical. After dinner, they took us to another room in the palace where they surprised us with a slideshow. Our guides had been taking pictures the whole week and made a slideshow. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room. It was so thoughtful, and they even sent us each a copy. 

My family with our amazing ABD tour guides!

Our totally fun group!

We woke up the next morning and packed our suitcases and put them in the hallway for Tinkerbell to pick up for us. We didn’t see them until we go to the train station. We went down to the lobby to say our goodbyes to all the families that had become our family by the end of the trip.  Marcello and Marissa walked us out to our awaiting Mercedes Sprinter van to personally say goodbye to us, and we were all in tears. How could we live without them after this awesome trip? They closed the door, and we all just held one another and cried. We still email back and forth with Marcello and Marissa. Italy, we will return!

Our ABD trip was ending, but we headed over to Venice on our own. Marcello was so great; he even wrote out specific instructions on how to navigate Venice on our own. He gave us places to eat and must see sites in Venice. Our guides were awesome!!! This was the best trip of our lives. We will be going on another Adventures by Disney trip next summer. We will never be able to find this type of service anywhere else.

Our Italy and Amalfi coast ABD pins!

Courtney had an amazing experience on the Adventures by Disney vacation and is ready to help you plan an Adventures by Disney vacation or a magical trip to Disney World, Disneyland, Aulani Resort in Hawaii or on the Disney Cruise Line! You can contact Courtney at

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