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My First Disney Cruise and Seasick Fears Obliterated!

Disney Dream at Castaway Cay

I have been to several islands in the Caribbean since I got married 12 years ago. My husband and I love vacations that are “all inclusive.” I like the idea of having a budget and sticking pretty closely to it. We have always gone directly to different islands and stayed at resorts–never cruising to different destinations.

With my love of traveling, I have never had the desire to cruise mainly because of my own fears. I get motion sick easily, and once you have sailed away, there is no going back! No getting in the water to help with the sickness, and if the ship gets rocky, I am stuck with the consequences. I also don’t do very well in small areas; I like to know that I can “get out” if needed. Cruise ships have the reputation of having tiny staterooms which made me very anxious. All of these fears combined, have kept me from cruising…until now.

Along with my love of Disney came a determination to try a Disney Cruise. The opportunity presented to go with a group of ladies–not even with my husband to provide me with emotional support! Not to mention the fact that I have a three year old who would be very upset if she knew where I was going. On the day that I decided to go, my stomach was in knots all day. I was so nervous just thinking about it and it was a trip that was decided at the last minute, and were set to depart in, like, a week! Have I totally lost my mind? This was not just a question that I asked myself, but my husband asked it a few times as well!

Sail Away Party on deck!

At the time to sail away from the dock, Disney has an amazing Sail Away party! I was watching all the characters dance and enjoying the show when I heard someone say that we are moving. I looked up to watch and felt slightly queasy, probably just because of my nerves. I immediately went back to watching the show for a few minutes until I was comfortable enough to look again at the movement. With the help of Dramamine, I can say that I was able to sit and watch the ocean go by. I was shocked that I could handle all of the movement without feeling sick.

The first night at dinner we could feel a good bit of movement on deck 3 and while I was nervous, I was fine! Here and there throughout the trip I could feel movement, but overall, it was not an issue. I could even sit outside and enjoy my verandah. A good piece of advice that I was given is to keep the Dramamine in your system. I never needed additional medication.

View of our cabin from the veranda.

My fears of a tiny stateroom also turned out to be inconsequential. The rooms had plenty of space, and I was very surprised at how large the shower was.

I ABSOLUTELY loved my first Disney Cruise and already I am looking forward to the next one this time taking my husband and daughter!

Emily Guice is a Disney Travel Planner at Wishdrawals Travel, a wife, a mom of a preschooler, and a prn Dental Hygienist.

She loves traveling to Disney World and has recently found a love for Disney Cruises! She is currently planning her next trip to Disney World with extended family and also another Disney cruise with her husband and daughter.

You can reach Emily via email for assistance planning your Disney vacation!

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