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Magical Express Modifications During COVID Times

We\’ve had lots of questions about Magical Express at Disney World, and we have the answers!

Yes, Magical Express will continue to run to and from Orlando International Airport and all Walt Disney World resort hotels that are open.

Yes, Magical Express is still included in your Disney World resort hotel reservation. If you have an on-property stay, you are eligible to use this service.

Yes, Magical Express (or Tragical Express as we like to call it when you\’re leaving Disney) will still take you and your luggage back to the airport at the end of your visit.

So, what\’s different?

Luggage delivery service will not be provided. Under normal circumstances, you sign up in advance and get yellow luggage tags which you would put around the handles of your luggage. When you arrived in Orlando, Disney handled your luggage and it appeared in your room in a few hours. Instead, now you will be responsible for picking up checked luggage from the baggage claim area and taking it to the bus. It will be loaded onto your bus, and you\’ll claim it from under the bus when it stops at your resort.

You will be assigned a seat on the bus! Instead of the usual \”board and sit wherever you want,\” when you get to the front of your assigned line, a Cast Member will tell you where to sit. This keeps everyone spaced apart.

The resort airline check-in service will not be offered at this time, so when you leave, take your luggage to the bus. It will ride with you under the bus; you will check it in with their airline once you reach the airport.

Also be prepared for longer than usual lines to check in for Magical Express at the airport. While the line didn\’t actually take an hour, it was considerably longer than normal! (Side note: It actually only took about 5 minutes before we were on the bus!)

Luggage assistance is available at the front of Disney Resort hotels including luggage storage and/or transport to the room if you need assistance.

We\’re hoping these changes are just temporary and full service will be brought back soon!

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