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Is Disney\'s Memory Maker Worth It?

(This blog originally posted in 2014, but with so many questions about Memory Maker still out there we wanted to repost and share one agent\’s experience with it!) Are you wondering if it is worth the money for Disney’s Memory Maker? In a word, YES!

I have always brought my Nikon D80 and sometimes even a small camera to capture those moments of my children enjoying the magical world of the mouse. And I am always the one taking pictures, so it looks like my husband and children have a great vacation, but I am not included in the pictures. With Memory Maker, everyone is included in the pictures!

Disney has created some magical opportunities for memories, one being Enchanted Tales with Belle. Our son, who was 4 years old, last year, was chosen as THE Beast at Enchanted Tales with Belle and I snapped an image on my iPhone, but it was nothing compared to the Disney photographer’s image which cost $14.95 per download. When I tell you that he was the most perfect beast, it is probably the mommy being biased, but he was awesome. I HAD to order that picture, so I did for $14.95. When Disney came out with Memory Maker, where you can pre-order the service for $169 ($199 if you decide while you are at the park to purchase), I was all over it. In my mind, if we got 10 good pictures, I would get my money’s worth. But we got so much more than that. Before when we would see a photographer before, sometimes we would stop. But this time, we were stopping at Every. Single. Photographer and my family was a trooper about it. We might have enjoyed it too much ….

Not only do you get the professional photographer’s pictures around the park, you also get pictures from dining, meet and greets with characters, attraction pictures AND pictures where Disney adds magic. But Disney did even more than just capture magical memories this year with my family; we also have a video from our son’s first time on Tower of Terror and also from the new, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Here are just a few of the magical moments that Disney captured for our family. Once you are home, you can download ALL of the pictures and do whatever you want with them. You have the rights, so you can add in stickers and borders from the Disney site and then print them via your favorite store or site. I will be making a book of our trip, but I also want to have some of these blown up as they are so great!

Here are few of my other favorites!

The first one is from Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, then Splash Mountain and Space Mountain. This was our first time riding Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, and it was Daniel\’s first time on both Splash Mountain and Space Mountain!

These were taken at Hollywood Studios and some magic was added! Daniel was in the Jedi in Training show, and they have a photographer there, too!

I am not kidding when I tell you that we had over 400 pictures from a weeklong trip to Disney. I did NOT bring my big ole camera this time, and I WAS in the family pictures.

Tinkerbell magically added!

(This blog originally posted in 2014, but with so many questions about Memory Maker still out there we wanted to repost and share one agent\’s experience with it!)

Guest Blogger Jamie Stahler (Mommy who loves to be included in the family pictures) loves to book Disney trips!  Contact her for a quote!

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