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Incredible Pirates League Makeover!

If you think you can only be made over like a princess at Magic Kingdom, think again! At The Pirates League, next to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Adventureland, guests ages 3 and over can get a pirate makeover. You can be transformed into a pirate, empress or mermaid! Packages start at $39.95 which I consider to be a Disney steal!

On our last trip to Disney, my nephews and my daughter were super excited to become a pirate! Unfortunately, my daughter was not feeling well that day, and she slept while her cousins had a blast! Upon arrival, you check in at the desk, and a Cast Member shows you pictures of the different face makeup available. You may choose between Blackbeard, a Zombie pirate, a Ghost pirate, Captain Hook or Black Eyed Jack. One of my nephews chose the Zombie pirate, and the other chose Captain Hook. Once you choose your pirate style, you get a pirate name. The child gets to spin the ship wheel and whatever it lands on, you then get to see what it corresponds with in the name book. One of my nephew\’s pirate name was Lawrence Helmwrecker!

All of this is just the start! Now it’s time for the makeover. The kids take a seat, and the loads of makeup begins. The Pirate Masters doing the makeovers are tons of fun, in full character, and include lots of pirate humor. To top off the pirate look, after the makeup is complete, the kids got a bandana, an eye patch, a Pirates League sash, a sword and a sheath, and a little pouch for their “loot.” Once a child’s makeover is complete, everyone yells, “YO HO!” 

All of the pirate energy is super fun! To become official, you must take a Pirate Oath, and then receive a certificate. Upon finishing, you exit into a hidden chamber in which you are sworn to secrecy to never discuss the contents of the secret room. If you are caught sharing the secret, you could be made to walk the plank! Uh, oh…am I in trouble?

This was a fun event, and I highly recommend this experience!

One more thing to share with you–I just love the magic of Disney! My nephews stayed in pirate character throughout the day, and when we took the boat from Magic Kingdom back to our Disney resort, the boat Captain played along. Every time we passed a boat in the lagoon, the Captain would slow down for my nephews to “take over the other boat.” When the boat would slow, the boys would go to the front of the boat with their swords raised in the air. Everyone else on the entire boat would yell, “BOOM BOOM!” It’s a memory we will all never forget!

Oh…the finished product! Best pirates ever!

Creepy cool pirate zombie!

Pirate-ready…shh, don\’t tell the secrets!

Emily Guice is a Disney Travel Planner at Wishdrawals Travel, a wife, a mom of a preschooler, and a prn Dental Hygienist.

She loves traveling to Disney World and has recently found a love for Disney Cruises! She is always planning her next trip to Disney World as well as another Disney cruise with her husband and daughter.

You can reach Emily via email for assistance planning your next Disney vacation!

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