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Handling Unexpected Moments at Disney World

What do you do when an unplanned and unexpected moment happens while you\’re at Disney? Perhaps you\’ve spent months or a year planning every detail of your trip and then the unexpected happens…someone has an injury or an illness, rain, or even worse–your Magic Bands don\’t work? Let\’s explore a few of those today!

Using our Disney ponchos in Animal Kingdom

What if it rains? Everyone hopes their trip will be sunny and 82 degrees, but it\’s Florida and the likelihood that it will rain a little is very high. The likelihood that it\’ll rain sporadically and possibly every day is really high! Don\’t give up and go back to your room though!

A little planning ahead and bringing some inexpensive disposable ponchos can go a long way. Not a planner or forgot those ponchos? No worries! Buy some at any store in Disney World! When it starts to rain, they\’ll magically appear. The current price is $9 for an adult poncho, and $6 for a child poncho. These are durable and can be used over and over! (I take gallon ziplocs just for folded wet ponchos!) Bonus: Many people will leave when it starts to rain, so the parks may even be more empty!

What if a ride you\’ve FastPassed goes down or breaks down? Unfortunately this happens from time to time. Some rides are more prone to it than others. Frozen Ever After is one that continues to have some issues and does go down on some days. If you have a FastPass for a ride that is closed during your FastPass window, you will automatically be given a new Multiple Experiences FastPass.

That FastPass is good at ANY attraction that accepts FastPass including the one you just missed. You can wait and ride it later that day with your new Multiple Experiences FastPass or you can opt to use it somewhere else.

Last year while at Hollywood Studios, the Disney Junior Live on Stage set caught on fire! Above us one of the lights overheated or there was a short in a wire, and suddenly there was a fire and we were all hustled out! We were given one of these Multiple Experiences FastPasses. We were on our way out of Hollywood Studios, so we opted to use it at Animal Kingdom instead and walked right on to Kilimanjaro Safaris using this that evening.

What if the My Disney Experience app goes down and/or our Magic Bands don\’t work? This happens sometimes! First, we suggest taking screenshots of your plans for each day before your trip. A screenshot will show what time your FastPasses and dining are and is easily stored on your smartphone! Second, your travel agent may have sent you a hard copy or an e-copy of your itinerary. Take that with you since it will also have all your FastPasses and dining listed on it. Finally, if none of those work, contact your travel agent from the park! He/she may be able to access your file, notes, itinerary, or even may be able to get the My Disney Experience page to work on their computer.

Magic Bands can sometimes have problems, too, and suddenly you may not have the ability to charge food or souvenirs or even get on to rides during your FastPass time! We always suggest taking some cash or a credit card to the parks just in case! Again, a screenshot or print out may get you through the FastPass queue as well if you can show the Cast Member what you have. What if someone in your traveling party gets sick,  First, don\’t panic! For a mild illness, check what\’s available at your resort\’s store. Resort stores will carry sleep aids, Benedryl, pain relievers, upset stomach and indigestion medications. In the parks? First Aid Centers in all parks also have over the counter medications and nurses on staff! Does it seem more serious? A high fever or something that looks like the flu? First, call the front desk from your room. Disney has on-call doctors and nurses who can do in-room visits! If you need immediate assistance, ask the front desk where to find the nearest Urgent Care clinic (likely the Florida Hospital Centra Care Walk-In Center) or emergency room. They can help by getting you a cab, giving you directions, or just offering advice.

Ethan sporting his blue cast when meeting BB-8

What if there is a more serious injury? Someone broke an arm or needs their appendix out? The hospital in Celebration can handle any injury or severe illness! If you\’re cleared by the doctors and able to continue your vacation, rent a wheelchair and experience as much as you can.

Disney will try to make it as magical as possible! You can even get Mickey and friends to sign your cast!

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