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Friday Five: Top Five Quick Service Restaurants at Epcot

I\’m returning to the Friday Five again this week, and this time I\’m focusing on quick service restaurants at Epcot. Let me tell you…this is hard. Like, really hard! There are more quick service restaurants in Epcot than in any other park, but here are my five favorites.

5. Katsura Grill: First, I should say that my friends who lived in Japan enjoyed eating here, so I think that speaks volumes for this quick service location!

What\’s available here? Sushi, teriyaki, curry and udon along with some yummy Japanese drinks like plum wine and Kirin (Japanese beer). Don\’t forget the unique green tea cheesecake!

Japan is a really neat pavilion, and if you skip it because it\’s at the back of World Showcase and you\’re just tired, you\’re missing out! Katsura Grill is tucked away and off the beaten path in the Japan pavilion and a nice place to stop.

4. Yorkshire County Fish Shop: Yorkshire County Fish Shop serves (wait for it…) fish and chips! Yes, that\’s pretty much the entire menu, but they\’re just so yummy! They also have a sponge cake (which I have not tried) and several British beers–Bass Ale and Harp Lager.

I should mention that my son loves fish and chips, so we stop here nearly every visit to get some for him. The chips aren\’t exciting–just regular cut french fries. (Hmm…can they be French fries if they\’re served in the UK? Guess we\’ll stick with chips.) The fish is breaded and deep fried! Yum! It even comes on a fake newspaper.

The seating is very limited, and we always seem to only find a table in the sun. But we still stop!

Set up more like the food courts at the Value or Moderate Resorts, you choose your station, get your food and then pay all at once. Usually they have most of the registers open, so the process goes quickly.

The downside is that it\’s crazy busy at lunch. With both Soarin\’ and Living with the Land in this building and drawing lots of guests, the prime lunch time can make it a little harder to find a table. Still, there\’s more seating that at some of the other options at Epcot with many options in one place.

2. Boulangerie: Oui, oui…Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie in the France pavilion is just oh, so yummy!  

A boulangerie is a bakery or a place where bread is sold while a patisserie is where pastries and cakes are sold; that means tasty breads (sandwiches) and pastries and cakes are all available here!

The Boulangerie is the best place in all the World Showcase to grab a delicious dessert. Walk the streets of Paris back to the glass cases that contain many freshly-baked pastries and beautiful French desserts like napoleons, macarons, and eclairs.

Claim a delicious sandwich or a decadent dessert–or, let\’s get both!–and find a quiet table near the restaurant or grab a coffee and take your treats out near the fountain in the middle of the France pavilion.

Lunch is great here, too, with a nice selection of hot and cold French sandwiches. We always grab an extra hot jambon and fromage (ham and cheese) croissant for breakfast the next morning at our resort. This is one of the best counter service restaurants in all of Epcot!

1. Tangierine Cafe: Located in the beautiful Morocco pavilion, Tangierine Cafe is a true treasure in Epcot and my top pick for quick service locations at Epcot.  Shawarma, tabouleh, hummus, falafel are all available and are mouth-wateringly delicious! Splurge and get one of the platters here because you\’ll get to try more options and once you\’re there…you\’ll want to try each dish they have! 

Most seating is inside the building, and we rarely have trouble finding a table. Tangierine (not tangerine) is a play on words from the city of Tangier, Morocco.  At $14.99, the Shawarma Chicken & Lamb Platter is a great use of a quick service dining credit, too.

This is a great place to find a vegetarian option (hummus, tabouleh, lentils, falafel, olives and fresh bread). If you have kids who are not adventurous eaters, never fear…hamburgers and chicken tenders are both on the menu for kids!

The smells of safron and roasting meat may lure you in; don\’t fight it! Go in and try this great option!

(Thank you, Courtney Palmer, for your help with this blog!)

Susan Burks is a Disney travel planner at WishdrawalsTravel, a military wife, and a homeschooling mom to a 

robot-programming, space-loving 11 year old!  

She and her family love visiting Disney World and taking Disney cruises. With six Disney cruises under her belt, she is now preparing to embark on a seventh Disney Cruise–this time to Norway–and planning her next Disney World visit, too!

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