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Five Great Souvenir Ideas That Won\'t Break the Bank!

Yes, souvenirs can be expensive. They are also so. much. fun to buy!  Go ahead and put the money in your budget and pick up something fun while you are in the park. Here are my top five favorite things to purchase {in no specific order}.

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1. Hats There are so many fun hats and headbands all over the parks. It\’s fun to get a new one each time you go.  Coordinate with your outfit or buy one for a special occasion or a holiday!

2. Dated Ornament

You are sure to enjoy taking this out and putting it on your tree year after year.  Even better, it\’s cute, doesn\’t take up extra room on your counter or shelf, and it bring back great memories every time you add that ornament to your tree!

3. Pressed Pennies

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These are a really fun, interactive souvenir. I\’m pretty sure you could never collect them all either… With little cost, these are fun for kids (or adults) to collect.

4. Pictures

(Thanks for the photo, Jamie Stahler!)

Overall, I didn\’t feel like I was missing much by not buying into Memory Maker.  (Others have very different opinions!  See a former blog on the subject.)  There were, however, a few pictures that were adorable, and I wish I had purchased them before we got home.  One kiddo did Pirates League.  After they finish putting the makeup on, they the new pirate to a special room and take a picture.  I really wish I had that one, but it\’s gone forever.

5. Trading Pins

Whether you buy them before hand or in the park this is a GREAT souvenir.  My kids had a great time trading pins in the park, and it really started a collection. I buy bulk pins throughout the year for him and give them as little gifts to save for our next visit.  These are also fun to trade with cast members who love interacting with kids and often have some great pins!

What\’s YOUR favorite souvenir?

Lauren Tanner is a Disney travel planner with Wishdrawals Travel. After planning her own family\’s magical vacation, she now plans magic for her own clients!  

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