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Drinking Around the World: Part 3

At the end of part 2, we had worked our way to Italy. Today we\’ll make it all the way around the world.

By this time, you are \”halfway around the world,\” and by all probability, you are feeling REALLY good. The good news is that it is time to take it easy! If you are in the American Experience, now it is time to grab a beer. Right as you come into the pavilion, on the left, there is a nice quick service stand (Liberty Inn) that sells Sam Adams. I\’m feeling patriotic, so that is the beer you must do! Yes, you can get the Stag cherry flavored whiskey and some other drinks, but Sam Adams is a must.  Take it easy, nurse the beer. Heck, even have a turkey leg (a Disney classic), or woah, maybe a funnel cake! But the American Experience is a great place to recharge before pressing on. If you have the time, head inside and see the show and hear the Voices of Liberty, an a capella group. The singers are amazing! The movie is really neat, but on a hot day, it is a great place for a nap–for your drinks to settle.  Next up is Japan, and this country is easy. Sake! If you have the time, start out in the huge Mitsukoshi store and nurse your beer as you head toward the back. Get a \”pick a pearl\” if you have the funds. It is a ton of fun, and you get a neat souvenir. Maybe find that awesome Hello Kitty backpack you\’ve been wanting… I digress. In the very back left of the Mitsukoshi store is a Japanese Sake bar. It\’s sometimes missed because it\’s not out on the main path! You, however, know the secret so find the sake bar! For many, Sake is an acquired taste. However, if you have an unsophisticated palate, definitely go for the sparkling Sake. It is sweet, good, and a little bubbly like a sparkling wine. Plus, it is a small glass and won\’t have a huge drink impact on you.

Tangerine Cocktail

After Japan, the next country is Morocco.  This is the only country actually designed and put together by the actual host country so take a moment to enjoy its unique architecture. This is also a great place to find some very unique souvenirs. Perhaps that belly dancer costume is looking pretty good right now… Right in front of the Morocco pavilion is the Tangierine Café. You can try several things here, but my grab is the Tangerine Cocktail. They are really unique, super sweet and fun, and you can\’t miss out. Hopefully you aren\’t having to grab the counter to hold yourself up. 

Heather enjoying a Grand Marnier slush.

The good news:  you only have three countries left. The bad news? This is where the really good drinks really start!  First up is France. There is only ONE thing you should consider here, and it isn\’t the Kronenburg beer. My wife\’s favorite drink at Disney, and a huge favorite of most people, is the Grand Marnier slush in France. You can have it in either orange or lemon. GRAB THIS DRINK! You will not regret it.  The chocolate crepes at The Creperie right next door are great, too. Chocolate crepes totally go with the orange slush, right? What\’s not to love about France?

My sweetie and me in UK.

After you cross the bridge back toward the United Kingdom pavilion, you should be thinking now about a cider or a Guinness. If you are me, you only think of Guinness! It is a fantastic drink, cold or hot, and you simply can\’t miss with it no matter where you are in the world. Grab a Guinness, go into the sports store, and, if you are me, buy your daughter an overpriced soccer shirt, or heck even go and see the Beatles shirts in the music store. I personally could pull up a chair in the pub and spend the day in England. It is my personal favorite country.

Finally, we are at our last country, and you really should only consider one option to finish off your tour. If you can handle it, grab a beer in Canada. For me, I have to have a Moosehead and desperately need a nap on the sidewalk. Grab a Moosehead and celebrate your accomplishment. You just spent a ton of money, but you had a blast. If you made it all the way around, just take it easy. Walk slowly toward the gate, get on the monorail, and take a nap!

Stay tuned! I will write more soon about drinking at Downtown Disney and even the monorail bar crawl. Disney is a great place for adults!

Wishdrawals Owner, Corey Townsend, has been to Disney over 20 times and can’t get enough.  He says, \”We go every opportunity we get, and we leverage our hard fought info to help people plan amazing vacations through our company Wishdrawals Travel. They say it isn’t work if you do what you love, and we are lucky that we can do that.\” Contact Corey to help plan your next Disney vacation!

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