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Dinner at The Edison

Every time we visit Disney World, we make an effort to try something different. A resort we haven\’t stayed at previously, a tour, an after hours experience, or a new restaurant (or a new to us restaurant). On our last visit, we had no plans for arrival evening, so I asked my teenage son where he wanted to go, and he quickly said \”The Edison\”! The Edison opened in January 2018, and we hadn\’t had an opportunity to try it. There were lots of available reservations, and after an overnight flight from Honolulu via Denver, I knew we\’d be exhausted, so I booked an early dinner.

We were pretty blown away right from the beginning. I\’m not even sure how to describe it…industrial gothic? Steam punk? The fictional backstory is this: Disney Springs was an electrical power plant that opened in 1901 and transformed into a restaurant (or maybe a speakeasy?) in the 1920s but left some of the machinery behind. What you have is a very architecturally unusual restaurant with a tasty menu!

Once you walk in, you really feel like you\’ve stepped back into the 1920s! The hosts, hostesses, bartenders, and servers wear Roaring Twenties costumes, and you\’re surrounded by the machines \”left over\” from the power plant days!

The restaurant itself spans several floors and has a very open area in the center making it feel very spacious. On the bottom floor, there were many tables for dining, but after 10 pm, the tables are cleared and this becomes a happening bar and dance area for those ages 21 and up. Live music and acrobats (yes, acrobats!) who perform suspended from the ceiling make it an unusual nightlife option! (Note: There is a dress code, and it does not include flip flops and baseball caps!)

Looking down at the first floor

The bandstand! It was too early for it when we were eating dinner!

Around the room, there are various clips from 1920s movies planning directly on the walls which act as small screens.

The menu is diverse and delicious. Appetizers include Clothesline Candied Bacon–that\’s literally delicious candied bacon hanging from a small tabletop clothesline–and deviled eggs. The main dishes included meatloaf to fried chicken, fish and chips to prime rib and burgers. The burgers are what the teenage boy was seeking!

Clothesline Candied Bacon!

The drink menu was so unique, and I found myself wanting to try it all! It included fun modern drinks as well as some vintage 1920s options like the gimlet! They also have a pretty extensive wine and beer list.

This was a lovely experience, and we would absolutely return for another meal. I would love to see it at night, too, with my husband for a date night or with a few friends.

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