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Checking Out Jock Lindsey\'s Hangar Bar

Jock\’s is a fantastic new restaurant in the recently renamed Disney Springs!

Located in Disney Springs, Jock Lindsey\’s Hangar Bar is a new addition to the offerings there. If you don\’t remember Jock Lindsey, he\’s Indiana Jones\’ pilot buddy from Raiders of the Lost Ark. The story is that Jock bought some property at Disney Springs in 1938 and built an airplane hangar, tower and runway. Soon his place was a popular place to stop for world travelers and locals!

It\’s not on the dining plan, and I doubt it ever will be.  The menu consists of drinks and appetizers only, so it really does not fit any of the dining plans.

First, the building–it\’s an airplane hangar, so it\’s huge! There is indoor seating and outdoor seating, and if you time it right, you can see fireworks from the outdoor seating area.  Insider tip: Not sure what time that will be…? Ask your Disney travel expert! The decorations are not too obviously Indiana Jones – you may not recognize everything on the walls–but the menu items will definitely be familiar to even casual Indy fans!  A few of the drinks come with special songs or stories… such as the \”Anything Goes\” which is delivered by singing waiters and waitresses who dance with jazz hands!

The food was absolutely delicious!  We ate the \”Good Dates\” (as opposed to bad dates… remember the monkey?) and they were really, really good.  We enjoyed the \”Squid! Why did it have to be squid?\” and the dipping sauce for the calamari was really yummy.  I think that with the drink and the appetizer, we came out from \”lunch\” feeling refreshed and like the price was fair. One drink, one appetizer, tax, and tip made each of our totals about $25.

The wait staff talks about Jock as if he were a real person AND as if he were a well-known character in the movie.  It caught me off guard for a moment, but I found that I really enjoyed it!  We enjoyed stories about how Jock got stranded on an island and invented a drink or met some famous dignitary and came up with a delicious appetizer that made it on the menu.

At this point, there is no way to make advanced dining reservations for Jock\’s, and a large part of me doubts there ever will be since it\’s not a traditional dining location.  The tapas bar feel is very fun and relaxed.  There were families there with kids, but there is not a whole lot on the menu for picky children.

Whether you\’re a world traveler or a local, make sure to stop in and check out Jock Lindsey\’s!

Front of the menu.

Pictured here:Shorty\’s Singapore Sling in foreground and \”Anything Goes\” in the background.

These were all of the menu offerings when we were there in December.

The drink list (with prices!). There are also drink pictures throughout this book.

We were seated in the submarine–the VIP seating! We were bummed to miss seeing Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka who sat here the night before us!

Emily Lamb has been to Disney over 65 times, usually for multiple days on each trip. The tips she sharing are from first-hand experience as a kid and now as a mother of her own beautiful children. Contact Emily to help plan your next Disney trip!

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