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Blizzard Beach: A "Ski Resort" at Walt Disney World Resort!

I have been to the Disney Parks over 50 times in my lifetime, but I had never been to the waterparks!  Luckily, I finally had the opportunity to go.

In September 2014, we were staying at the Polynesian Resort while they were renovating the main pool. Because the pool was closed, they gave us free tickets to Blizzard Beach.  We took advantage of the offer and went one day.  We had a blast, and I am so glad I had this experience.  

The theme made us feel as if we were on ski slopes in Colorado!  I was worried with the different ages of my kids (8, 5 and 2), that everyone was not going to be able to do things together.  I was so surprised to see that my 2 year old, who is fearless by the way, could ride almost every water slide there!  And these are not kiddy slides!  

They, of course, had 2-3 extreme slides with height restrictions.  My son was such a champ getting on his float by himself and flying down the different slopes!  I would go first, and my husband would go last just to make sure he knew when to go.  I would meet him at the bottom of the slide, and he would have the biggest grin on his face!  He wanted to ride it all over again! 

Photo Credit:  Walt Disney World Resort

My favorite was the family raft ride, Teamboat Springs.  It was located in the Green Slopes area at the very top of the snowy mountain–up near where Summit Plummet is located.  At first we walked up the steps to the ride; it was a long, long, uphill climb, about 4-5 stories! We were out of breath completely.  Then we noticed that they had a chairlift just like at a real ski slope that would take you all the way to the top!  Perfect!  We could ride right to the top.

Photo Credit:  Walt Disney World Resort

Teamboat Springs had a giant round float that would fit probably 5-8 people.  We climbed in and held on to the handles; we swished and turned, going super fast all the way down the mountain.  What an incredible thrill for the whole family!  

We also enjoyed the lazy river and the giant wave pool.  The lazy river, called Cross Country Creek, encircles the entire park and is great for relaxing! We were so impressed that Disney even has specific floats for children with the bottoms covered. This really helps with small children. The wave pool, Melt-Away bay, is a huge one-acre area of fun!   

Photo Credit:  Walt Disney World Resort

My 5 year old\’s favorite area was the Ski Patrol Training Area complete with a slippery ice ropes course and zip line.  He could have stayed in this area all day!  My 2 year old also did the zip line and loved it! 

Overall, I was very impressed and will definitely come back every year.  It is so great that Disney offers so many different types of family adventures!

If you could describe Amanda, it would be the fact that she eats, sleeps, and breaths Disney!  Being introduced to Walt Disney World at the age of four has given her the overwhelming love of the parks, resorts, restaurants, and endless memories shared with family and friends.  You can contact Amanda to help plan your next magical Disney vacation at

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