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Beach Massage at Disney Cruise Line\'s Castaway Cay

I\’ve cruised on Disney Cruise Line eleven times. I always think I\’m going to do a splurge in the spa, and every time I talk myself out of it. I say things like:

  1. \”The cruise is too short!\”

  2. \”There\’s not enough time for a facial/massage/pedicure.\”

  3. \”I\’ll just do one before I leave home.\”

  4. OR, my favorite, \”It\’s just too expensive!\”

While I did spend some time in the Rainforest Room on the Disney Magic in September 2018, my experience with the spa is pretty limited! I cruised in September 2019 on the Dream with 19 other travel agents from Wishdrawals and decided this might be the time for the splurge!

Since I typically spend the day at Castaway Cay with my family on the family beach, going with all adults meant I got to spend the day at Serenity Bay instead. Also located on Serenity Bay are the massage cabanas, and I decided THIS is what I wanted. A massage on the beach!

Massage cabana tucked into the palm trees

I booked it for 2:00 pm, so I could still enjoy most of the day on the island and have a leisurely lunch. I also thought when I was done with my massage that I might not want to reapply sunscreen and go back in the sun. This actually worked out perfectly!

I showed up about 1:50 pm. It appears that the spa employees doing the massages are also manning the check in, so I did have to stand around and wait for someone to finish their massage to check me in.

Then I was taken back by Siba from South Africa to the closest massage cabana and told to change out of my swimsuit! I brushed off the sand as best I could and started to undress which is when I realized that the windows are all open! The massage cabana sits up on stilts high off the ground, but it was a little odd to be changing like that!

Then I settled in and had the most heavenly massage. Siba was absolutely wonderful and found all my problem spots right off. I do massages monthly, and this was one of the best massages I\’ve ever had. In only an hour, she had gotten rid of my knots and completely relaxed me. While I could initially hear the live music from the Castaway Air Bar, the band stopped playing soon after my massage started and then all I could hear was the sound of the waves! The window nearest my head overlooked Serenity Bay and the ocean beyond.

Was it expensive? Absolutely. Almost twice what I normally pay for a massage here in Hawaii! However, it was amazing, and I would do it again. I definitely recommend it!

My massage cabana had two beds and open (or partially open) windows on three sides

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