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Amazing New Kids\' Spaces on the Disney Wonder

In Wandering Oaken, you can find Frozen Adventures! Here there are tablets where kids can play and spaces just for imaginative free play. In the back corner of the Wandering Oaken, you\’ll find the sauna–just a pretend sauna, of course. The door doesn\’t actually open, but Oaken himself is inside. Randomly the \”window\” will slightly unfog, and Oaken will say a few things. Sometimes the \”window\” unfogs in a snowflake shape!  Also in this space, Elsa may visit to re-enact the coronation with any little princesses (and princes) who want to join. It\’s all so well done and so very cute!

Click on this video for a quick look at Marvel Academy!

Around the corner is Andy\’s Room which is a huge oversized version of Andy\’s room from Toy Story. In this space, you\’re toy-sized so the bed is huge and all the toys are the same size as the kids! 

Climb up to the top of Andy\’s bed and then slide down the Slinky-Dog slide. Visit with Mr. Potato Head. There are even scheduled visits and activities with Woody and Jessie!

The last space in the Club is the Disney Junior area. Here there are more tablets for free play plus a large space for other activities with a huge screen!

A look at the Disney Junior space in the Club

Additionally, there is an Animation Lab where you can learn to draw Disney characters, a Craft Studio, and a large space where they can do dance parties, watch movies or play group games. 

On the other side of the Lab is a large group of tables where kids can do science experiments–erupting volcano or making Flubber–or cooking activities like baking chocolate chip cookies.

Cute kid-sized bathrooms are located inside the Club and the Lab. Everything is shorter and kid-sized! Sinks and toilets are shorter. Notice the Mickey mirrors over the sinks?

Overall, the new Club and Lab are great spaces. They all seemed excited to see and experience the new areas!

As on all Disney ships, children in the Club and Lab on the Wonder wear Magic Bands to get in and out. All kids under age 8 must remain in the Club or Lab until an approved adult comes to collect them. To leave, the adult first presents their key card and gives the secret password that they have pre-chosen. Then the child taps their Magic Band. Once everything matches, the Cast Member opens the doors for the child to leave. Once a child is 8 years old, their responsible adult(s) can give the child check out privileges and the child may come and go as desired.

Susan Burks is a Disney travel planner at WishdrawalsTravel, a military wife, and a homeschooling mom to a 

robot-programming, space-loving 11 year old!  

She and her family love visiting Disney World and taking Disney cruises. With eight Disney cruises under her belt, she is now preparing to embark on a ninth Disney Cruise–this time the trans-Atlantic cruise–and planning her next Disney World visit, too!

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