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All About Disneyland\'s MaxPass

What is MaxPass?  Disney MaxPass helps you maximize your experience at the Disneyland Resort by giving you the ability to book your FASTPASS attractions through the mobile app rather than physically going to each ride to get a FASTPASS return ticket. It also comes with unlimited Disney PhotoPass downloads from the day, and it’s all managed through the Disneyland App.

How to Use MaxPass

Step 1: Download Disneyland App on your mobile device

Step 2: Enter the Park (Disneyland or California Adventure)

Step 3: Open the Disneyland App and go to the “Get FASTPASS with Disney MaxPass” icon located under “My Plans”

Step 3: Select the people you’d like to purchase MaxPass for

Step 4: Purchase MaxPass (You can only purchase for that day.)

Step 5: Make FASTPASS selections! MaxPass will give you a choice of all the different attractions with FASTPASS availability and show the hour window for when to use your FASTPASS. Find the attraction you’d like, click on the hour timeframe, and confirm your FASTPASS.

You can see what attractions are available to FastPass and what the current stand by wait time is.

You will get a pop-up that says: “Congratulations! Your selection is confirmed. This party can make a new FASTPASS selection at ____.” Note that time because that’s when you can make new FASTPASS selections even if you haven’t used the previous selection yet.

Note the time that you can make your next FastPass!

Step 6: Use your FASTPASS selections! You can redeem your FASTPASS selections by scanning either your park ticket or on your mobile phone at “Redeem FASTPASS” at the attraction.

Ready to ride? Find your FastPass in the app, click Redeem FastPass, scan the code(s) at the Mickey scanner, and enjoy your ride!

MaxPass Details

  1. You cannot purchase MaxPass until you’ve scanned your ticket and are inside the park of your choice

  2. MaxPass is $10 per person per day.

  3. MaxPass includes PhotoPass pictures for the day

  4. You can split up your FASTPASS party if you wish; for instance, 2 people can get a FASTPASS for one attraction, and 2 other people can get a FASTPASS for a different attraction

  5. The waiting period to book new FASTPASS selections varies – if your return time is within 30 minutes, then you can book a new FASTPASS in 30 minutes OR once you scan & redeem your FASTPASS. If it’s between 30 to 90 minutes away, then the waiting period ends as soon as the return window begins OR as soon as you scan & redeem your FASTPASS. If it’s more than 90 minutes away, then you can book a new FASTPASS after 90 minutes.

  6. When you make your FASTPASS selection, it tells you when you’re eligible to make a new FASTPASS. If you redeem your FASTPASS prior to that time, you can make a new FASTPASS selection when you redeem it.

MaxPass Tips and Extra Information

  1. The return window times with MaxPass are often earlier than the return times the traditional kiosks give!

  2. If the return times MaxPass is giving are later than you’d like, you can refresh the app until you get a time closer to you’d like.

  3. Make sure to take pictures of your ride photos – you’ll need the number codes on the photos to link to your PhotoPass

MaxPass Benefits

  1. No running from attraction to attraction to get FASTPASS selections – saves time and energy!

  2. Earlier return times than the traditional kiosks

  3. The waiting period to make the next FASTPASS is less than traditional FASTPASS (90 minutes versus 2 hours)

  4. You can cancel MaxPass FASTPASS and edit to a different selection if desired (You can’t do that with traditional FASTPASS)

  5. PhotoPass photos are included

  6. If a ride closes during your FASTPASS window, and you can’t use your FASTPASS, you automatically get a “Multiple Experience” FASTPASS to use at any attraction at any time.

Note: Not all the attractions at Disneyland offer FASTPASS service. Here’s a list of those that offer FASTPASS.

Disneyland Park 

  1. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

  2. Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters

  3. Fantasmic! 

  4. Haunted Mansion

  5. Haunted Mansion Holiday*  

  6. Indiana Jones™Adventure  

  7. “it’s a small world” Holiday* 

  8. Matterhorn Bobsleds 

  9. Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin 

  10. Space Mountain

  11. Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy* 

  12. Splash Mountain 

  13. Star Tours

Disney California Adventure Park

  1. Goofy’s Sky School

  2. Grizzly River Run

  3. Guardians of the Galaxy –Mission:BREAKOUT!

  4. Guardians of the Galaxy – Monsters After Dark*

  5. Incredicoaster

  6. Radiator Springs Racers 

  7. Soarin’ Around the World 

  8. Toy Story Midway Mania! 

  9. World of Color (Cannot use MaxPass for World of Color) 

*Indicates rides with special holiday versions.

Thank you to special guest blogger Kristen Van Osterom for her time and experiences with MaxPass!

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