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All About Disney\'s Minnie Vans

On Facebook, we\’ve posted about the new Minnie Vans several times, but I thought maybe it was time to write a little more about them. What are they? Where are they? Who can use them? I\’ll answer all those questions!

First, what are these Minnie Vans? The Minnie Vans are the cutest things ever! Red minivans with white polka dots that should remind you of Minnie Mouse\’s traditional polka dot dress! This is a transportation option offered by Disney and operated by Disney Cast Members to get around Walt Disney World.

The next thing you should know is that the minivans really aren\’t minivans although the wording does make for cute marketing! They\’re actually Chevrolet Traverse SUVs. These mid-sized SUVs can hold up to 8 people including the driver. 

Each Minnie Van has two child/infant carseats in the trunk. These are Graco 4Ever multi-mode carseats meaning they\’re designed for children from birth up through booster age. These carseats can be installed into the center seats for you. Each driver has tons of experience installing that carseat. Note: Disney\’s policy is to rearface the seat for any child age 2 or younger!

Who can use the Minnie Vans? Anyone staying at a Walt Disney Resort hotel and needing to get around the Walt Disney World Resort property! Disney says they are for resort guests, but we have heard of others being able to utilize it as well if they have the activation code.

Where do the Minnie Vans go? Initially rolled out at the Deluxe Resorts, they\’re now available at every Walt Disney World resort hotel, every park (including the water parks), and Disney Springs. They\’re even available for pick up and drop for Hoop De Doo Revue and Trail\’s End at Fort Wilderness! The Minnie Vans can only take you to locations on Disney property though (except for the airport transportation which I\’ll reference later), so this is great to go from Port Orleans Riverside to Beach Club for dinner or from Animal Kingdom Lodge to Chef Mickey\’s breakfast at the Contemporary Resort but not for getting to Universal Studios or the Holiday Inn on International Drive!

How do I get a Minnie Van? They\’re now available for pick up and drop off at every Disney resort, park, and Disney Springs. You\’ll need the Lyft app. Then you may get a pop up notification in the My Disney Experience app with more directions if you\’re a guest at Disney World resort hotel. If you don\’t get this pop up, ask for help at the Concierge Desk of the resort to get the right activation code. Now you enter your pick up location and drop off location, select Minnie Van Service in the app, and wait for your ride to appear. The price is $25 anywhere you go. 

Can I use a Minnie Van if someone in my party uses a wheelchair? Absolutely! Disney has ADA Minnie Vans that can accommodate a scooter or wheelchair. These vans will only hold four people though, so do be aware that the set up is different. See a Cast Member if you need help requesting this!

Can the Minie Vans go off Disney property? The basic answer is no. They\’re designed to be an alternative mode of transportation within the Disney World property resorts, parks, and Disney Springs area without having to stop anywhere else. However, there is one exception.  They are now offering transportation from the Deluxe Resorts to the Orlando International Airport but only for club level guests. For $150, a Minnie Van can take up to six passengers directly to the airport. The airport service can have up to three carseats available and can be utilized from 9am to 12:00am daily with advance reservations. 

These are comfortable and cool and an easy way to get around at the end of a long day or at the start of a busy day! At $25 each way, this can be expensive, but it\’s a great alternative to using the bus system occasionally!

Susan Burks is a Disney travel planner at WishdrawalsTravel, a military wife, and a homeschooling mom to a 

space-loving, mini-travel agent who is 13!  

She and her family love visiting Disney World and taking Disney cruises. With nine Disney cruises under her belt and too many Disney World trips to count, her next adventure is Aulani, a Resort & Spa in Hawaii!

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