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A Vacation Beyond the Parks…Adventures by Disney!

Did you know that Disney can take you to Italy? Africa? South America? Cruising down the Rhine River? I\’m not talking about the World Showcase at Epcot! If it\’s time for your family to go beyond the parks and Disney Cruise Line ships, then it\’s time for Adventures by Disney!

Adventures by Disney offers land tours and river cruises around the globe. These incredible itineraries are designed with families in mind and all the planning is done for you. What\’s unique about Adventures by Disney?

  1. Premier Accommodations: You will stay in premier accommodations that aren\’t only beautiful, but are also centrally located.

  2. VIP Service: You will not be waiting in lines on this trip. Your tickets and entrances are all arranged so when you arrive at a location you head right to the action. This careful planning allows you to see so much more than you could on other tours. You will even visit many locations when they are closed to the general public.

  3. Pictures: Your Adventure Guides will document the trip for you so you can relax and enjoy your time with your family. All the photos will be made available to you at the end of your trip.

  1. Junior Adventurer Programs: Several times during your trip the Junior Adventurers in the group will be offered a different activity. They may take an archery lesson or run a hedge maze at a castle or they may just have a low key dinner with a movie and games to entertain them. Your Adventure Guides are making sure your kids have an awesome time while you get some adult time.

  2. Ease of Travel: You really are on vacation from the moment you step off the plane. You are greeted at the airport and at the hotel by your adventure guides. When you move from resort to resort you don’t even have to think about your luggage. The hotel staff along with your guides will be sure it gets to your next location!

With Adventures by Disney you won\’t be traveling the world with Mickey. The \”characters\” are the real life people you meet around the globe and the \”stories\” are the history and sometimes legends of where you visit. You will see some Disney touches on your trip as you collect a Disney pin each day to commemorate your travel and maybe search for hidden Mickeys around the world.

Have you ever dreamed of sitting in the Sistine Chapel while it was closed to others? Touring the world\’s oldest zoo after hours? Going backstage of a morning show? Having dinner in a castle? Not just seeing the world, but experiencing the world? Maybe Adventures by Disney is your next adventure!

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