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A Spring Break Plan Tested…and Passed!

You may be wondering…how DO we know what we\’re talking about?  Do we actually GO to Disney World and test out our plans?  Do we really go to Disney during the peak times?  Is my agent giving me good advice?

The answer is yes!

Recently I had the opportunity to go to Disney World during Spring Break–not a time I would normally go!  Yes.  I\’m that mom.  The mom who takes her son out of school to go to Disney in the quiet, less expensive off-season, but this time, that just wasn\’t going to fit with our schedule.  However, that just gave me the opportunity to test out how well the FastPass+ system works, check out the FastPass+ kiosks around the parks, check wait times, and more!

And what did I find?  I found that our plans work!  We were at Magic Kingdom at \”rope drop\” on a Tuesday during a busy Spring Break week.  We went straight to Space Mountain and rode with no wait.  Then we rode Tomorrowland Indy Speedway…and then lots of rides in Fantasyland before we moved over to Liberty Square and Adventureland before stopping for lunch!  By this time, we had ridden eight rides and hadn\’t even used our scheduled FastPass+ rides yet!  We played Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom for a while before using our first FP+.  We stopped for the new parade at 3:00. Because our next FP+ were in Adventureland, we wanted to watch the parade from that area and found a spot right in front of Country Bear Jamboree.  Once the parade passed, we were free to continue on our way while those on Main Street were still waiting for the parade to arrive!  After using our last two FP+ reservations, we now had several hours left in the afternoon/evening before our dinner reservation.  We spent this time watching shows with high capacities and low waits–walking right in to see Hall of Presidents, Mickey\’s Philharmagic, Country Bear Jamboree, and Monster Inc Laugh Floor.  We even had time to browse the shops on Main Street before arriving early for our dinner reservation at Tony\’s.

We rode everything we wanted that day even during a hot and busy day and had time to kill before dinner!  This is how I tell my clients to tour, and I was thrilled to see that the plan worked perfectly!

Don\’t be afraid to tackle Disney World at Spring Break or during the summer if that\’s the time that works for you!  Our agents are \”field testing\” their recommendations to make sure it works!

Enjoy the magic!


Fast Pass+ Kiosks in Tomorrowland first thing in the morning…very empty with Cast Members ready to help!

FastPass+ kiosk at Epcot near MouseGear first thing in the morning.  Lines are already starting to build here.

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