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A Look at the Updated All Star Movies Rooms

If you haven\’t stayed at All Star Movies lately, then you haven\’t experienced the fabulous room updates made in 2019.

I have stayed at All Star Movies several times most recently in September 2019. Pruir to that, I had stayed there in December 2017. Except for the bedspread, I don\’t think a thing had changed since our first visit in December 2003! While we still loved the theme there, it was needing a serious overhaul!

Soon after our 2017 trip, I was happy to discover that All Star Movies was scheduled for and did indeed get a huge overhaul in 2019, and those rooms are pretty amazing! Huge improvements in the room include the Murphy bed which allows the ability to have two queen beds in the rooms rather than the full-size that there there. The main bed is very comfortable, and they\’ve made huge improvements in the linens and pillows. The bed is raised off the floor allowing plenty of room to store your luggage under the bed!

The Murphy bed is so easy to operate. I\’m a petite 5\’0\”, and I didn\’t have any issues pulling down the bed. The mattress is also surprisingly comfortable. With the Murphy bed down, there\’s not a ton of extra space to move around but it absolutely makes the sleeping arrangements better! It\’s a good trade off in my opinion. To open the Murphy bed, simply move the chairs away from the table and pull the bed down!

You do lose the table when you have the Murphy bed down, but it\’s easy enough to close and have the table back!

My silly 14-year old lounging on the Murphy bed

The room is clean and crisp with wood (or maybe \”wood\”!) floors and lots of extra storage areas which greatly improves the overall feel of the room and lets you unpack without clutter everywhere. A cabinet has been added with a Cuisinart pod coffee maker and a small fridge with a clear door. That clear door feels like a game changer–you can SEE what\’s inside your fridge. Brilliant! The drawer contains regular and decaf coffee pods along with creamer, tea bags, and sweeteners that were replenished each day.

Moving into the bathroom, there are so many updates here! First, a sliding barn door to separate bathroom from the room for a little privacy. Previously this was a curtain, so this is a huge improvement. Lots of shelving added in the bathroom providing plenty of storage.

Lovely glass shower doors have been installed along with the shampoo, conditioner, and body wash pumps. (Love them or hate them…they\’re here.) Huge upgrades in the towels as well. Instead of thin worn out towels, these were plush and soft!

Overall, I was blown away by the upgrades here. I think this is a great option for anyone visiting Disney. Children will love the Murphy bed and the uniqueness of its decor while parents will appreciate the upgraded linens, pillows, and storage. People traveling without children will enjoy the queen bed and table with lots of floor space and a more mature upscale feel than before.

I would recommend All Star Movies without a doubt. If you haven\’t been recently, give it a second chance. You\’ll be impressed.

Susan Burks is a military wife and a homeschooling mom to a15-year old \”junior Disney expert\”! In addition to many Disney World trips, Susan has done eleven Disney cruises, two Disneyland trips, two trips to Aulani (Disney Resort & Spa in Hawaii), and stayed at Disney\’s Vero Beach and Disney\’s Hilton Head Island! You can contact Susan at

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