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7 Reasons to Use a Disney Vacation Planner!

Maybe you\’ve decided that you\’re ready to take a Disney vacation! You just book a hotel, get the park tickets and show up, right? Or maybe you have started planning and feel very overwhelmed…Which resort? Character dining? And what are FastPasses? Who are you going to call? A Disney vacation planner, that\’s who! 

This is a picture from my 87th Disney World trip! Seriously. I know what I\’m talking about–I promise!

Why would you use a Disney vacation planner? I\’m glad you asked!

1. It\’s completely FREE to you!

Disney pays us directly for our expertise and help which means you\’re getting help from a professional at no extra cost. I know we\’re not doctors or lawyers, but we are true experts when it comes to Disney.  If you\’re going to spend several thousand dollars on a vacation, don\’t you want it to be the very best it can be?

2. We work to save you money.

Even after we\’ve booked your trip, we are constantly looking for ways to save you money, get you free upgrades, and add any extra magic to your trip.  When you book directly through Disney (and with many travel companies), they are content to have your business, and do not notify you of any discounts you are eligible to receive.  The minute we know of a discount that could apply to your trip, we\’re on the phone or online trying to save you as much money as we can!

3.  We help as much (or as little) as you want us to.

If you are big on planning and feel you know what your family wants to do at Disney, we\’ll just be here for money-saving and moral support.  If it\’s your first time visiting Disney, and you want lots of input we are happy to give it to you.  In the end, all of the decisions are left to you.

4.  We\’re up at all hours to make sure you get what you want.

Some dining reservations selections can be tough to get even 180 days in advance. The same is true for your FastPasses! We are up and at it making dining reservations for you at 6am and stay up until midnight to make your Fastpass+ selections – if you want our help!  We will also check and search frequently for dining reservations if there are any meals that you want that you don\’t see available.

Package ready to go out for a honeymoon couple!

5.  You will receive extra goodies when you book through us!

You never know what your agent will send you, but we\’ve been known to send gift cards, t-shirts, lanyards, string bags, ponchos, autograph books, and many other fun little gifts to help your family get into full Disney-mode!

6.  If something goes awry on your trip or you have any questions, you have an expert to call on at any time.

If you aren\’t going to make it to a ride in time for a Fastpass, or you need to make a dining reservation, we will be there to help out.  Sometimes the web system even crashes, but we\’ll have a copy of your itinerary so that you\’ll never miss a dining reservation or a Fastpass!

7.  You\’re helping a real person running a small business.

And we appreciate it so much!  Keep small businesses in business!

If these seven reasons aren\’t enough to convince you, head over to the testimonials page and check out a few referrals we\’ve had from happy clients!

Emily Lamb has been to Disney over 87 times, usually for multiple days on each trip. The tips she sharing are from first-hand experience as a kid and now as a mother of her own beautiful children. Contact Emily to help plan your next Disney trip!

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