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How do our complimentary planning services work?

We've heard this question a lot during our nearly 11 years of planning vacations. It's only natural for people to have doubts when something appears too good to be true.


Here is how it works:

When you book your vacation package through our agency, you won't pay a penny more than if you were to book it on your own. Our partner suppliers have already included the cost of utilizing a travel agency in their prices. This means, you get our insider information simply by booking your vacation through us vs. booking it directly.  Once your vacation is over, our suppliers pay us for the expertise and care we provide to our clients.


Our agents have already done extensive research on the destinations you're interested in. We've undergone training, built key relationships with our suppliers and we’ve traveled all over the world to ensure we have the knowledge to help you make the best decisions for your trip. 


We're genuinely passionate about what we do, and our mission is to ensure you feel confident and excited about your vacation experience.  Our goal is to make vacation planning as effortless as possible for you, to the extent that you'll never plan a vacation on your own again. 

                                                             Request a free quote here!
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