Hello! I’m Trent! I grew up in a Disney family. Most of my earliest memories involve a bookshelf full of Disney VHS. I grew up during a golden age. Lion king, Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin were all still new, old classics we’re being released from the vault and Pixar was churning out classics. This foundation was the beginning of the end for any hope I could ever have had to not be a Disney lover.

My parents first took me to WDW when I was 4. I still remember the monorail, and the first time I rode Star Tours. During middle and high school we made occasional trips to WDW, and I fell in love a trip at a time. Learning a new fact here, noticing a detail there. Really noticing what set Walt’s dreams apart from the rest of the world.

The bug really bit me in 2017, the first time we took my nephew; he was 2 at that time. Being able to see the park through his eyes, and being old enough my self to notice all the little details that go into making the magic…. All I can say is that it was like something woke up in me. I truly found a love for the parks and how they can make magic for anyone. Fast forward to now, and I’ve become what some might describe as “obsessed”. I think they’re just jealous.

As a kid(and now…) I always wanted to know how things works, especially during shows. Now as an adult I am an Audio Engineer and I help to make shows happen. This has given me so much appreciation for the way Disney functions, and I don’t just mean during shows, the entire park is one big stage! For me, that sets Walt’s parks apart from everything else in the world.

Now that you know a little about me, I can not wait to work with you, and to make a little magic for your family. As an uncle, nothing could make me happier than little smiles at the happiest place on Earth.

Favorite Movie: Hercules
Favorite Park: Animal Kingdom
Favorite Ride: Flight of Passage
Favorite Resort: Art of Animation
Favorite Restaurant: Boma Flavors of Africa

Trent Watson