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Wishdrawals Kids Blog Series: Being a Teen on Disney Cruise Line – Hangin’ in the Edge

Cool floor in the Edge!

For a young teen, the Edge is a place to meet and bond with teens just like you. The space at Edge provides a group of fun interactive leaders and games you can play with friends. They even have areas on Disney’s private island for you to hang out with the people at Edge like the Teen Hideout. Edge is an experience for teens who need a vacation of their own on Disney Cruise Line.

On Disney’s private island exists a Teen Hideout. The Teen Hideout is a place for a teen to truly escape. It provides a cool shady place for you and friends to hang out. The island has a lot of fun activities and beaches, but the Teen Hideout has a variety of games like volleyball and soccer.

Meeting and bonding with other teens is always fun but Edge takes it to a new level. Edge has interactive activities you can participate in to meet teens just like yourself. When you get these experiences to share with others you bond a whole lot more.

My experience with Edge has always been A1. They have always provided a fun comfortable space for me to create memories and hang out with people I’ve met on the ship. I met a couple friends and with that, made a lot of memories. Some of my favorite memories are playing mini golf, going to get free ice cream, playing basketball, hanging out on the beach, and playing at the Teen Hideout.

Just hangin\’ with the Edge buddies, Goofy and Max playing mini-golf!

When hanging out at the exclusive Edge area there was always a variety of people you meet. For me I met people with different backgrounds and character. I’ve met people from the Philippines, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand, as well as people from all over the United States. There was always a bunch of people you could interact with and learn where they’re from. You can even keep in touch with a lot of the friends you’ve met there.

Cool night view in the Edge

The leaders were always great. They always went out of their way to interact with you and all of the teens at Edge. The leaders are always full of life and willing to interact and always have interactive activities ready for you and friends.

When on a Disney Cruise Line you spend time with family, as it is a family vacation, but as a teen you need a vacation of your own sometimes and Edge offers a place for you to go to make your experiences and your own memories.

About Our Guest Blogger

Kyle has been on 9 cruises, 7 of which were with Disney Cruise Line.

He’s been in the it\’s a small world nursery as a toddler, the Oceaneer Club and Oceaneer Lab as an elementary school aged child, and the Edge as a new teen. His next cruise he will explore the Vibe, the club for older teens!

Kyle\’s mom is Disney Travel Planner Christin Michaud.

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