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Savi\'s Workshop: A Star Wars Fan Must-Do!

Savi\’s Workshop in Galaxy\’s Edge is amazing! For all true Star Wars fans, this is a must do!

The workshop itself is hard to spot if you don\’t know what you are looking for. That is on purpose. With the First Order always around and always watching, something like this would quickly draw their attention and would bring trouble for all involved, even the traveler! If you can\’t find the workshop, just ask any local Batuuan where can you go to find \”scrap metal.\” They will direct you to the proper location.

I would recommend getting a reservation. However, the reservations do fill up quickly. But don\’t despair! What I learned from the people at the workshop is that they take 8 reservations per show. Here\’s the good part, they also take 6 walk-ups per show! So if you can\’t get a reservation, still do the walk-up and get on the wait list. I was fortunate enough to be first on the wait list!

Once your name has been called you will be asked it you do indeed want to build some \”scrap metal\” by one of the \”Gatherers\”. They will allow you to take one person in as well as an observer. You will pay your 199 credits (212 after tax) and will be ushered into a holding area just outside the shop entrance.

Once you are lead into the workshop there are several workbenches and you will be placed at one. Then the fun really starts! You will get a short lesson on the Kyber Crystals and what they represent, and how they will power your light saber (you\’re inside now, away from Storm Troopers so its ok to say \”light saber\”). There are several different colored crystals, but in Savi\’s you can choose from blue, red, green, or purple.

Once you have chosen your crystal, (or has it chosen you?) you will begin the construction process for the hilt. You will be guided by gatherers to help should you have any problems. Each piece is chosen by you, so the light saber is 100% your creation! You will be told how to ensure the pieces are connected properly and if you listen hard, you will know when it is ready!

Once the hilt is finished, the gatherers will assist with the blade fusion. This is a really cool part of the show, and you may even get a supernatural visit from Yoda! Once your blade has been fused to your hilt it is then time to activate! The force flows all around and finally the saber glows with the power from the Kyber crystal! Then the fusion chamber opens and your saber is ready!

You are given final instructions about caring for your creation and as you are lead out of the workshop you are given a protective sheath (included in the cost) for your saber. This sheath also hides the \”scrap metal\” (once you\’re outside again) from the Storm Troopers!

The entire process takes roughly 20 minutes and it is a really fun time! I highly recommend this for any Star Wars fan. You will not be disappointed!

About Our Blogger:

Mike Kuzy is a Disney Travel Planner with Wishdrawals Travel. He\’s already taken TWO trips to Disney World\’s Galaxy\’s Edge, and it\’s not even open to the public yet! 

You can reach Mike via email to ask all your Galaxy\’s Edge questions and to plan your next Disney vacation!

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