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Friday Five: Top 5 Attractions at Epcot

This week\’s Friday Five focuses on the best attractions at Epcot.  I thought this would be easy–top five attractions? Piece of cake! The hardest thing would be to choose which one would be my top choice, right?

Then I wrote down my choices, and my son was appalled that I left off Mission: Space. So I reworked my list. Then my husband saw my list and insisted I should add in \”Three Caballeros Ride\” (as he calls Gran Fiesta Tour). Finally, I hid my list and decided I\’d work on it later.

Here are my choices! You may not agree with me–even my own family doesn\’t!

#5 –Spaceship Earth

I freely admit that much of my love of Spaceship Earth goes back to my childhood! I visited Disney World several times as a child. I grew up in Georgia so a trip to Disney was doable although my family only went a few times. When I was 10, I went to DisneyWorld with my father–just he and I. Back then, in \”nineteen- eighty something,\” Disney World was only two parks–Epcot and Magic Kingdom. I don\’t remember my first view of the castle at Magic Kingdom. I don\’t remember what I rode at Magic Kingdom, but I do remember seeing the big ball at Epcot! I remember that I was scared to ride Spaceship Earth because I was convinced it would go fast like a roller coaster and that my dad was lying to me! I like Spaceship even more since it was updated in 2007.

Photo Credit: Walt Disney World Resort

#4–Turtle Talk

This was a tough one…I had a hard time deciding on #4. I went with Turtle Talk because I think it appeals to all ages. Kids are enthralled with it because it seems magical–that somehow Crush talks to them! Adults like it because Crush is humorous, and he makes everyone laugh. Plus there\’s the added bonus of having somewhere to sit for a few minutes!

#3 — Mission: Space

I first rode Mission: Space in December 2003 just a few months after it opened in October 2003. My pilot husband enjoyed it and had no issues with it. I, on the other hand, spent most of the ride with my eyes closed trying not to throw up…and then spent the rest of the day feeling nasuseated and swore I\’d never ride it again! And I didn\’t…until this past February. A few travel agents from our company went to Disney World for a long weekend, and part of our mission (pardon the pun) was to experience some new things–new restaurants, new rides–or experience something we hadn\’t done in a very long time. For me, one of these was Mission: Space. In 2009, the ride changed so that there were two versions–Orange Team and Green Team with green being a \”less intense\” training experience–that means the centrifuge does not spin! Once I rode it as a Green Team member, I decided the ride was pretty cool. We actually had fun, and I didn\’t feel like throwing up! That\’s a win-win, right?

Photo Credit: Walt Disney World

Photo Credit: Walt Disney World

#2–Test Track

Deciding on my second favorite ride at Epcot was really hard because that meant I had to decide which one was my top favorite! I love Test Track–the twists, the turns, the speed of nearly 60 mph as you race outside the building, I finally chose Test Track for number two because I don\’t love all the updates. Getting to design your car is such a great idea. When it first opened, everyone got to design a car. Then, two people had to share to design one car. I had great hopes that the car design rooms would solve the cattle-like queues that form outside to the final line to the cars… but that was not to be. The lines are still a mess there. Plus they changed the entire story line from the testing procedures (agility, handling, speed!) to a sim car where you test the design of the car you created. In theory, it sounds great. In reality, I don\’t love it. I also don\’t like the Tron-look of the ride. (I know… sorry, Tron fans.)

Photo Credit: Walt Disney World

My son designing his car in January 2014.

#1 — Soarin\’

If you\’ve read this far, I guess you\’re not surprised that my number one pick is Soarin\’! I love the whole experience–the sights, the sounds, the smells! I love the fireworks at the end! I admit that the screen or the video could use an update and an extra theater should would help that line!  Luckily for us, an update is in the works for the video and another theater that they desperately need is being built right now.

Photo Credit: Walt Disney World

There is my top five attractions at Epcot. I admit I\’m a little sad not to include Living with the Land because I\’m THAT person who loves that ride, but I could only choose five.

Leave a comment and tell me what you think.

Susan Burks is a Disney travel planner at WishdrawalsTravel, a military wife, and a homeschooling mom to a space-loving 10 year old!  As a former teacher and a Disney enthusiast, she loves being able to combine her love of Disney and education in the Disney parks.

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