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Drinking Around the World: Part 2

In Part 1, I gave you the basics of \”Drinking Around the World.\” Like I said, the premise is simple:  eleven countries, eleven drinks, 9 or 10 hours to do it in. You can do that, right? It is a ton of fun and only really has a couple of negatives. One, you can get REALLLLLLLLY drunk. That goes without saying, right? The trick is pacing yourself. Two, you can spend a LOT of money. How much is a lot? Well, minimum you are easily going to spend $75 per person, but you can easily spend $150 or even $200 per person. It all depends on what you drink. Now how do I \”Drink around the World\”? Let me fill you in! 

Hint: I try to be adventurous!

Two of my partners in crime in Cava de Tequila.

Personally, I like to start on the left side, Mexico. Mexico…the land of tequila and great drinks. Right when you come into Mexico on the left there is a Margarita stand. These are great drinks, but skip these and have some of the best drinks in Disney! Inside the pyramid is Cava de Tequila, one of the greatest tequila bars I have ever seen. Step inside and have an amazing specialty Margarita. You won\’t be disappointed. $13-$15 each but worth every penny! Grab one, relax a minute and enjoy the atmosphere.

Next up is Norway. Not a ton to see here, but they have Aquavit!! (What is Aquavit? It\’s a spirit made from potatoes flavored with fennel, cardamom, or carroway. It\’s strong stuff!)  It is a Norway tradition, so grab a shot, plow through it and head to China. While here, take a gander at the pretty people (Norway is full of them), maybe look at a $500 sweater in Puffin\’s Roost, and move on!

Plum Wine

After Norway is China. There isn\’t much I drink here. Good beer, but I like to grab a small plum wine at the quick serve counter and enjoy its really sweet taste as I move on. 

By this time, I am normally 45 minutes into my trip and \”feeling happy.\” You can stop and have a drink in the next place, the Refreshment Outpost, but it isn\’t required as it isn\’t really a country despite its African theming. If you must, they have Safari Amber, but it is really just Anheuser Busch\’s amber red beer. For my money, skip it! 

Okay, here is where we really start to have fun. We are in Germany! Take a few minutes and–first things first–get something to eat! You are on a long journey here, and you need some calories to offset the drinks. I love the brats in Germany and the Paprika chips. 

How do I wash that down? With one of the greatest drinks known to man. Schofefrhofer!!! A German beer mixed with grapefruit juice. It\’s an awesome drink, especially on a hot day. Take a rest for a while, see the sites, listen to the music. Maybe you’ll even get to see the glockenspiel on the clock tower. Relax until some of the buzz passes. Germany is a great country to rest in a bit! [Editors Note: There are also some amazing wines in Germany that you can try at the Weinkeller if you’re not a beer drinker!]

Wine flight!

Next up is Italy, and you have tons of options. Beer, wine, even an Italian Margarita! For my money, red wine is required.

I step into Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar and grab a nice red wine. Tutto Gusto feels so authentic—you’ll feel like you’ve hopped over the ocean! Great wine flights are available here; it’s also a great place for another snack. The antipasto plates here are great—salami, cheese, bread, or even some small plates (pasta). This is a great building to see as well! Italy is beautifully done and always a treat to see. 

About this time, you really may be feeling it. One thing to note…control yourself! Take your time, relax and let the feelings pass. If they notice you and identify you as \”DATW” (that’s Drinking Around the World), they may \”brand\” you and give you a knick knack to carry around with you. These are for the Cast Members in the next country to immediately see you are on the task. Be polite, be courteous, and for Pete\’s sake, use your inside voice! 

I will write more as we head to the USA. I hope you are having a great time on your walk!

Antipasto plate at Tutto Gusto

Wishdrawals Owner, Corey Townsend, has been to Disney over 15 times and can’t get enough.  He says, \”We go every opportunity we get, and we leverage our hard fought info to help people plan amazing vacations through our company Wishdrawals Travel. They say it isn’t work if you do what you love, and we are lucky that we can do that.\” Contact Corey to help plan your next Disney vacation!

Yum…paprika chips in Germany.

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