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Drinking Around the World: Part 1

One of the great sports of Disney (besides the actual sports stuff at Wide World of Sports) is DRINKING AROUND THE WORLD. Really, this is taken very seriously at Disney, and people simply don\’t play when it comes to this \”sport.\” I will do a series of articles on this sport, and fill you in on how this can be done right!

First off, a basic overview: Epcot (Originally called Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, then Epcot Center, and now just Epcot) is made up of two distinct lands. In the front of the park, you have Future World, and in the back, the World Showcase. The World Showcase is made up of 11 countries. Each is manned and populated by actual citizens from these countries each in costuming from their home country. When Epcot first opened in 1982, it was the first American theme park to allow the sale of alcohol!

One of the great experiences for each of these pavilions is that they each showcase the foods and drinks from their country. Each has an amazing assortment of things to try to really get the \”around the world\” experience. The mission of our sport here, DRINKING AROUND THE WORLD, is just like it sounds. You partake in one adult beverage from each country, working your way around the world.  I should mention that this isn\’t a game or activity officially sanctioned by Disney, but it has become a bit of iconic fun for an adult-only trip or gathering!

Photo Credit: lizabu (DISboards)

This is not for weak hearted! First, the World Showcase is a 1.3 mile loop so you must be prepared for a bit of walking. Next, you should make sure you eat some snacks along the way because…well, you know, an empty stomach doesn\’t make for a great finish! Finally, it is Florida, and it\’s hot, so make sure you stay hydrated with water, too!

Now, I think we\’re ready to begin. You may start in Mexico or you may start in Canada and go in either direction. But, make it to the end if you can! Game on!

Wishdrawals Owner, Corey Townsend, has been to Disney over 15 times and can’t get enough.  He says, \”We go every opportunity we get, and we leverage our hard fought info to help people plan amazing vacations through our company Wishdrawals Travel. They say it isn’t work if you do what you love, and we are lucky that we can do that.\” Contact Corey to help plan your next Disney vacation!

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