Jill Pope

Unlike many others, my love of Disney did not originate in childhood.  Instead, I was in my early 30’s when I caught the Disney bug and I haven’t looked back.  I love visiting Walt Disney World because everyone in my family can find something to enjoy, from my young nieces to my grandmother.  There is this wonderful, enchanting energy that fills my heart from the moment I arrive until I step onto the magical express to return home.  I’ve never found another place like it.  Some enjoy collecting pins; others will wait hours for an autograph and that perfect picture.  Me, I’m currently on a quest to stay at each resort.  I call it work related research, but really it’s just another way to feel the magic and excitement of something new on each visit.  I look forward to helping your family find that certain something that makes a Disney vacation unlike any other!

Favorite Resort: Art of animation (so far!)
Favorite Restaurant: Coral Reef
Favorite Attraction: Tomorrowland Transit Authority (a.k.a. the PeopleMover)
Favorite Memory: Riding the Tower of Terror for the first time with my Mom.  Her reaction was priceless!

I look forward to helping you plan your magical Disney vacation!  Email me at jill@wishdrawals.com